MP Never Slapped DCE – NPP Constituency Chairman sets the records straight


My attention has been drawn to news item Circulating on Social Media and other online portals of an allege slap on the DCE from the Member Of Parliament of the area.

As the Chairman for the constituency, i will like to state categorically the Member of Parliament Hon Dr Ayew Afriye never slapped the DCE and i can swear with Antoa deity if the need arise. Our hardworking MP has been in politics for years and he is known by all of his humility, affability and accommodating personality.

His records as former TESCON President for University of Ghana Medical school, Personal assistant to the late Hon Grace Coleman, President of AFAG, Personal Doctor to the President during the 2008 elections and Subsequently member of parliament for our constituency shows there is no trace of violence, Insults or arrogance from him.

“As the constituency chairman, I have worked with him for some years now and Our MP is a liberal politicians who doesn’t engage in dirty politics of Violence or Insults not to talk of slapping a whole DCE. He is someone, who is love by all including the young and old from the all political divide because of his exemplary leadership style” – Osei Adiyiah(Constituency Chairman)

As an eye witness below is what actually transpired;

“Prior to the visit of the Our President His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo into Effiduase-Asokore Constituency, arrangements were made by the Hon MP and constituency executives with the various head of schools to release their buses to convey party delegates from the smaller towns to the durbar grounds where the Chiefs and people in our area were set to welcome the President,drivers of the two(2) buses mistakenly went to the assembly forecourt and upon realizing, that wasn’t where they were suppose to converge decided to move to the original point of convergence but they were prevented by the DCE.

This information got to us that, as they were about dispatching to the smaller towns the DCE has stopped them. together with MP, we decided to move to where the buses packed and on our way,we heard that a polling station chairman who is a tutor at Asokore Amass in person of Mr David Darko, called the headmistress to inform her of what was happening and the headmistress ordered the driver on phone to move the car, as the driver decided to ignite the Car, the DCE who was some meters away ordered the driver to stop the engine, the DCE then moved to forcefully remove the car key whiles insulting them and Mr David Darko tried stopping her and there was a little squaffle and as results of the slippery grounds due to the rain falls, she slipped and the thing we heard was “Mp a bo me oooo” meaning “MP has beaten me”.

In fact, we were all shocked and surprise because MP was no where near the scene of incident but we weren’t surprise since we knew her stage manage tactics to always get sympathy.” – the Constituency Chairman concluded


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