Video: Girl Slaps Man For Proposing To Her In Lecture Hall At University


Currently trending on social media is a now-viral video of a lady slapping a man after he publicly proposed to her in the lecture room at the Benue State University.

When it comes to proposals, a lot of people often go out of their way to make it a perfect and memorable occasion and most importantly, to get a positive response.

While some people love private proposals, others often prefer the grandeur and euphoria that comes with having a public proposal. For this man who recently proposed to his girlfriend however, a public proposal was clearly a bad idea.

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In the video currently circulating online, the girl is captured dishing out a hot slap to her boyfriend after he proposed to her in a lecture room at the Benue State University.

The lady is seen, clearing taking aback and visibly displeased by the proposal while her classmates cheer them on. Shortly after, she strikes him hard on the face before walking away.

Watch the scene below




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