Unpaid Workers of NIA in Warpath *With Akufo-Addo and Prof.Ken Attefah


THOUSANDS of unpaid Workers of National Identification Authority (NIA) are in warpath with the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and Executive Director of NIA, Professor Ken Attefah for deliberately looking unconcerned of their plights which have been affecting their living conditions.

Fuming with anger, the visibly distraught workers stated that they are fed up with Akufo-Addo led New Patrotic Party (NPP) government and Professor Ken Attefah sugar coated words and hinted a plan to stage a massive demostration if President Akuffo-Addo fails to impress upon the management of NIA to pay our money to us.”

In a statement signed and issued by the leadership of the workers of NIA in the persons of Mr Eric Quartey, Mr Solomon Kirk Ahorli and Mr Prince Kotey and copied to myafricatoday.com today, the workers stressed that they are not happy with the treatment they are going through in the hands AkufoAddo and Professor Ken Attefah.

The statement asserted that the NIA recruited them in April 2019 as Registration Officers (ROs), Registration Assistant (RAs), Commissioner of Oaths (CFOs), Supervising Registration Officers (SROs), Mobile Registration Workstation (MRW), and many others in the Greater Accra Region as the first region for the exercise.

After a hectic months of work on this exercise, the statement pointed out that the NIA has not come out to tell them why their salaries are delayed.

According to the statement, majority of the affected workers have not received any payment for the past five (5) months and “we cannot keep waiting for them to tell us different.”

“We have drawn attention of the management concerning this issue but no result has been gotten.

“The finance department has always told us to go and check from banks for clarification but we always come home with empty account meanwhile, the money is still reflecting on our payment slip on the NIA portal. All they could tell us was “we are working on it,” they said.

The statement emphasized that the NIA has taken our patience to be our weakness and “we are therefore calling on the Executive Secretary of NIA, Professor Ken Attefah and his team to pay our money by next week or they welcome a massive demonstration at forecourt of the office.”

The statement added “Because we have exercised a enough patience and we are fed up with their sugar coated words.”


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