Sex For Grades Documentary: I feel hurt- Atik Mohammed


General Secretary of the People’s National Convention(PNC) Atik Mohammed, in contributing to the now infamous sex for grades video that indicted two lecturers of the University of Ghana earlier this week, has admitted to how badly he feels about the damage done the image of the persons involved especially Prof Ransford Gyampo.

‘For a young man to rise so quickly to assume an associate professorial status, it is quite disturbing to see him battle such an embarrassing saga’, he is quoted as saying.

Though making it clear that per contents of the investigative piece, there hasn’t been much established grounds to nail the two lecturers, he was swift in adding that legimate moral questions can be raised from the video.

Broadening the issues further, Mr Mohammed shared an experience of his as a lecturer in a private university where he said most foreign students especially were fond of making attempts to compromise lecturers and school administrators alike, there was also what he called ‘grades for sex’, in which case ladies involved willingly offered sexual favours to lecturers who were ready to meet their academic demands halfway.

Calling for reforms in our universities particularly with how lecturers are given too much discretion in deciding the fate of a student, he was quick in drawing in a UK experience. ‘In the United kingdom, there is always a second marking board in place to remark and reput a script under scrutiny after a course master has given his academic verdict. Why can’t we do same in Ghana?’, he quizzed.


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