GUM meets EC requirement …sets offices in all 260 districts across Ghana


THE newly-formed political party, the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) is set to hit the grounds running to capture political power from the ruling New Patrotic Party (NPP) government in the 2020 general elections, since the NPP is now drawing the country backwards.

The GUM’s good political standing and position now has been confirmed by its Founder and leader, Reverend Christian Andrews popularly called Osofo Kyiriabosom in an exclusive interview with in Accra yesterday.

According to him, GUM has finally fulfilled all the requirements as specified by the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana for its final certificate and that the party is now good to go.

The man of God disclosed to that GUM has established political offices in all the 260 districts across the country, and have even begun distribution of party vehicles and logistics to these offices to speed up the party activities throughout the country.

He expressed the hope that by next week, the party will be given the final certificate by the EC to give the GUM electoral legal backing to operate as the newly-formed political party in the country.

Reverend Andrews gave the assurance that the party will always ensure it due processes are followed in their operations and that their engagement with the EC was far advanced and that it is expected to complete the final certification processes shortly.

He said the movement was serious about its decision to contest the 2020 presidential race, saying this has made “us to speed up with all arrangements to establish district and regional offices across the country.”

Rev. Andrews indicated that the ideology of the movement was to revisit the developmental agenda of Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, which focused on massive industrialisation across the country to propel national development.

He promised to ensure a total free port for Ghana within the first six months when the party is voted to take over the affairs of the country.

He said one major areas by which Ghana can develop is by the ports, hence efforts will be !aid by his administration to completely abolish taxes and duties at the Ports making Port transactions free for all.

He said: “Not later than six months of Ghana Union Movement in office, Port duties shall be absolutely free for all Ghanaian.”

He stressed that GUM was prepared to wrestle power from the two political parties which have failed the people of Ghana over the years.

He explained that GUM’s formation was based on the abandoned Nkrumah’s vision which hinged on total industrialization, modernizing agriculture and consolidating Ghana’s Democracy.

He also stressed the fact that the exportation of raw materials to other countries will be given major boost and efforts will also be made to produce more hence the industrialization and agriculture development.

Reverend Andrews said a duty free Port will open Ghana to the international markets whilst creating great and enterprising avenues for Ghanaian businesses to flourish.

The GUM Leader also touched on Agriculture, where he agreed that the party when elected to power, will make food production Paramount.

He said GUM government will revamp all abandoned state farms, establish new farms to grow crops and plants which are nature friendly to the soil of the various localities.

He mentioned that cocoa farmers shall be supplied with free seedlings, fertilizers and insecticides whilst government shall pay for the annual cost of clearing of the land for cocoa planting for farmers who shall be planting 5 acres of cocoa.

He said: “Fishing boats shall be supplied to the fishermen with fishing motors and special finishing nets to aide them in their fishing activities. Tractors shall also be provided to farmers who grow other crops in the country.”

On the business front, Osofo Kyiriabosom said Taxes paid by businesses shall be reduced and government will give loans with little interest to businesses, as action will be taken to formalize the retail businesses.

According to him, retail businesses shall be a preserve for only Ghanaians and no foreigner will not be allowed in retail business and changed all to join in the campaign to arise for development of mother Ghana.

The man of God also expressed grave worry over the current rising of kidnapping and terrorist activitiess in the country and blamed the situation on the lack of effectiveness of the the police officers of the country to step up fight against the kidnappers and terrorists

Reverend Andrews proposed the use of the personnel of Ghana Army Force (GAF) to fight and hurt the kidnappers and terrorists.

According to the man of God, he observed that the perpetrators of these heinous act are largely not be afraid of the personnel of Ghana Police Service to fight their activities, hence the rising kidnapping and terrorism activitiess in the country.

He stressed that Ghana needs to step up the crusade and hunt for kidnappers until we win the fight.”


Caption Reverend Christian Andrews aka Osofo Kyiriabosom, Founder and leader of Ghana Union Movement


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