Try these five pressure points for female org@sm


A female orga$mis quite different than the male ones. While it is known to last much longer, at the same time it can be a little tricky to reach the cl!max. Moreover, unlike men, most women need a little foreplay to reach their peak. Thankfully, there are certain pressure points which will help in making that journey to the big O a lot more smoother.

Infact, according to a poll conducted by the Journal of S3x & Marital Therapy, 80 per cent of women do not orga$m from penetrative s3x. This means they can’t come without clit0ral stimulation. We list the top five er@genous points for female orga$m

2. The clit

Instead of going in and out of her mindlessly, we suggest putting your fingers to good use and explore her clit@ris. Caressing and playing with it gently can help her reach a knee-jerking orga$m as clit@ris contains about 8,000 sensitive nerve endings. Also, did you know that the cl;t becomes erect during s3x (just like a pen*s) and is highly er@genous?

3. The bo@bs

Breasts are really sensitive to s3xual stimulation and women can be really turned on with proper fondling. While some women can achieve the big O only through n!pple stimulation, for others it can be a snoozefest. Understand what works well for your lady and up your game accordingly.

4. The n@pe of the neck

There is a reason why shivers run down the ‘back’ and not your stomach, the nape of your neck and back have a lot of nerve endings. Even a gentle, sensual touch around the neck might be enough to get things heated. Planting soft k!sses on the nape can really fire off those tingling sensations.

5. The inner thighs

Use the tips of your fingers to gently brush across her inner thighs and wait for her to get aroused. Before diving down to delicate bits, make a pit stop at her inner thighs and get the fireworks started.

6. Change the way you k!ss

Instead of taking the regular route of kissing to initiate foreplay, change the way you k!sd. You can begin with caressing her lips and pecking them gently. Female lips can be one of the most er@genous zones and to deliver an org@mics k!ss, change the intensity of your k!ss.


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