Gbese Mantse Nii Okaidja III is dead!


ACCREDITED MEMBERS of the Nii Teteh Ankamah family in Gbese at the Ga Mashie in the Greater Accra Region have officially announced the death of the substantive chief of Gbese Royal Divisional Stool and Adontehene of the Ga State, Nii Okaidja IlI who was installed Sunday October 8, 2006 and reigned the stool for the past eleven (11) years.

The announcement of his death was made yesterday by the elders of Nii Teteh Ankamah family supported by some dignitaries of the Ga State.

The installed Gbese Mantse but not gazzeted, known in private life as Mr Bill Annan, was 78 and passed away on Tuesday January 1, 2019 in London after a short illness.

However, the delay of the announcement of the death of Nii Okaiidja IlI was in line with the traditions and customs of the Ga State, which stipulates that the death of a chief shall not be announced immediately he passed away.

The traditional and customary final funeral rites and interment of Nii Okaiija IlI was scheduled to take off on November Friday 9, 2019 and the family members invited all and sundry to come to join them to pay the last respect to their beloved chief.

“With sorrow in our hearts, we wish to inform you that a mighty oak has had its roots blown off from the Ga State.

“Our delusional and true chief was sick like all of us and was seeking medical treatment but as God wants it, he never made it.

The chief has kicked the bucket with all honours,” the family members announced and described Nii Okaidja’s demise as a loss for the continent.

They took exception to what they said was the announcement about the King’s death at a time when he was still alive.

The retired UK-based Ghanaian judge was on Sunday October 8, 2006 installed the new Gbese Mantse under the stool name Nii Okaidja III in Accra.

Nii Okaidja III from the Nii Teteh Ankamah family succeeds the late Gbese Mantse Nii Agbofu who died somewhere in 2002, a four years interval and burried before Nii Okadija was installed.

Nii Okaidja III was appointed a Magistrate for the Inner London Circuit in 1987 and became a presiding justice in 1991 where he commenced sitting on appeals at the Crown Courts at Southwark and Middlesex Guildhall as a judge.

Until his death, Nii Okaidja III has written several papers on comparative law with the latest being “The role of the British Court Clerk.


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