NDC lambaste Gov’t over Increment in Cocoa price


The Western North Regional Communication Officer of the largest opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) have lambasted government over recent Gh40 CEDI’s increment on cocoa though international market was still lower then that of 2015 – 2016.

These was unacceptable because Cocoa farming was one of the greatest source of foreign income but unfortunately the lives of these farmers kept diminishing.
At a press conference in the Western North of Ghana, Mr Sam Jerome the communication officer of the NDC stated that over the past two years of the NPP government”.

The price of cocoa hasn’t been increased under the guise of free fall in price of cocoa on the international market.” Even though the prevailing exchange rate has created an opportunity for the government to better the lives of cocoa farmers with the realistic price.

Mr. Jerome said the increment pointed out the heartlessness of the government on cocoa farmers.
He added that though the fallen a bit in price, the government has got more CEDI’s after conversion.

“We in the NDC, mostly in the Western North region are highly disappointed in the Nana Addo led government for consistently rendering cocoa farmers poor. The farming profession most especially produced farming, has been the greatest source of living in the country in addition to the sale of fertilizer to them by the same government which hitherto was free.

The communication officer argues that the government can cushion cocoa farmers with the stabilization fund which has accrued over Ghc500m but completely ostracized the wise counsel and went ahead to cheat farmers by not adding a penny over pass years.

According to simple calculations of the World market price used was $2300. Exchange rate used Ghc5.3 to $1. One tonne of cocoa is 16 bags. 2300×5.3 = Ghc12,190. Divide 12,190 by 16 tonnes that’s 12,190÷16 =Ghc761.875.
Calculate 75% as net free on board price on the amount which is 0.75×761.875 =Ghc571.40.

Let us assume the Akufo Addo government has taken out Ghc21.40
on each bag of cocoa to pay for expenses such as haulage, jute sack, transportation, shipment, CHED etc. The cocoa farmer should be left with Ghc550 and not Ghc515 which has been paid to them by the government. ” It is important to note that, the current increment isn’t a true reflection of what cocoa farmers should get’.

He said the government didn’t add the premium amount received on the cocoa and subsequently didn’t revealed how much the farmers can get from the international market as premium on our cocoa

He said if ” government received $150m. This means the Akufo Addo government has again pocketed this whopping sum which will give you Ghc795m”.
He mentioned that after raking the farmers of
Ghc2,437,888,000 as interest from the remaining 25% already taken the government, had decided to squandered Ghc35 from the cocoa farmer on each bag purchased and that could be 35×800,000×16 =Ghc448,000,000. Amounted to 4.48trillion old CEDI’s.

“why will the Nana Addo government after getting a whopping Ghc2,437,888,000 still have to steal from the poor cocoa farmer” and emphasized the new price, that could be deduced by the government after three years while added Ghc40 to the price of cocoa whereas at the same period in 2015 under NDC with John Mahama Ghc263 was added to the cocoa price aside free distribution of fertilizer”.

It is extremely difficult to understand that after three years of pollination, pruning, improvement in mass spraying, distribution of seedlings and even better supply of fertilizer by the government the country still projected to buy a total tonnage of 800,000 which is far below the 969,000 metric tonnes left behind by the NDC in 2016/2017 crop season.

These clearly shows that there have been a drop of 169,000 metrics tonnes resulting in the loss of $388,700,000 which is about Ghc2,060,110,000. “This is too much money to be lost as a country”, he exclaimed. is the most incompetent PreThis also means their policies are not yielding any results as been purported.

It is very disheartening how cocoa farmers in the Western North region live in penury even though the Nana Addo government goes about trumpeting a better life for them. They’re indeed suffering as farmers after been touted as the region which produces not less than 40% of the total tonnage of cocoa by the nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NDC remains the true friends of cocoa farmers in Ghana and in particular the Western North region and we again have the best policies for the cocoa sector considering our track records over the period.

It is instructive to say that cocoa farmers in Ghana and in particular Western North region should he urged the cocoa farmers to reject wholly the heartless and insensitive NPP government and all their MPs Candidates in coming election 2020


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