I Slept With Dogs Every Night For Money Ritual – Sakawa Person Confesses


Emotions ran high at Somanya in the Eastern region following the shocking confession of a 24- year sakawa (money ritual) guy of how he was tasked by a fetish priest to sleep with dogs every night for money rituals.

Yaw Gbevu who was once a fisherman on the River Volta at Abume, a suburb of Akosombo was seen within a shortest possible time, driving in luxuries cars and buying big mansions which put his residence at Somanaya in a cripplingly panic.

This 24-year-old guy was heard shouting in his luxuries mansion last night which made many of his neighbours around troop in to see what was going on. The young millionaire was seen lying on the floor mercilessly barking like a dog.

Yaw Gbevu, who was raced to the Power Miracle Centre at Kpong for a spiritual solution after nemesis had caught up with him, said he has been sleeping with his dog for one good year.

Showing signs of remorse, Yaw said he committed the act in order to get rich quickly and also become the don of his area.

In his search for money and power, the young man claimed he was introduced to a fetish priest atNogopko in the Volta Region, who bathed him with dog’s blood and also instructed him to have an affair with a dog every night before its 1:00 am to perform rituals for blood money.

“I saw how my family was suffering so I decided to find an alternative way which will make life easier for me. So my friends introduced me to a fetish priest at Nogopko for purification and also do rituals for me to get blood money.

My intention was to sacrifice one of my family members but the fetish priest socked a dog’s blood with a concoction for me to bath. After bathing, he instructed me to sleep with dogs every night before 1:00 am.”

“But unfortunately, last night my alarm clock couldn’t ring so I woked up to the timing late. So I forgot to go by the procedure and the dog bit me,” Yaw revealed.

The young desperate sakawa boy continued that, the fetish priest told him he (Yaw Gbevu) will die 10 days after he fails to do the rituals.

In an interview with Joydadimultimedia reporter, Derrick Sikaba, Yaw Gbevu’s gateman also narrated that dog barks in his master’s room at a specific time at night which have made him suspicious of what has happened.

Yaw is now at the mercies of God waiting for the intervention of a pastor and God to deliver him before the 10th day giving to him by the fetish priest.



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