Boadan-Wenchu cries for social amenities


AN aspiring assembly member for Boadan Electoral Area in the Wanchi Municipal of Bono Region, Mr Salamatu Adams has made it clear that, Boadan electoral area where she want to become assembly member is far behind in social and economic development.

She explained that road network is very poor, low standard of education and poor security system which makes life uncomfortable for those living in the area which need government attention to improve the situation.

She mentioned that she is a teacher by profession and she has realized that, if she did not stand for her peoples, things will get worse in the area so she is pleading to her peoples to elect her as their assembly member to help change things.

According to her, ladies are not meant for kitchen alone but can also hold position so she is going toing to help to improve educational system in the area especially the ladies as three school drop out girls are preparing to sit for next year’s BECE through her education plans and there will be a skills training for the other youth who want to engage in themselves into enterprenureship.

She added to it that, some of the youths who are interested in education only needs special advise for them to know the importance of it and they will join to improve their living.

She disclosed again that, building of Imam Seidu school where she teaches now was built through her effort as they were teaching in a delapidated class rooms and Amponsahkrom also got electricity to pump their water through her as she went to the DCE to assist such areas whiles she was just an appointee to the assembly.

She urged her people to support her to become their assembly member for her to get the opportunity to do more them to bring development in the area.


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