REVEALED: Why food vendors use paranormal to cook meat


We have often heard some strange myths associated with food vendors and their mode of food preparation with the ultimate objective of maximizing profit at the expense of the customer.

One Facebook user has blown the lid on one of those unorthodox food preparation methods these vendors use after she took to Facebook to slam those who use paracetamol in cooking their meats.

She wrote: “Those of U that are food Vendors that cook MEAT with PARACETAMOL! Hope you know that you are sending people to their early grave?”

A background check on this bad practice reveals that this is something that sprouted back in 2000s and not new in the system.

We also understand that it’s prevalent in countries like Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria.

The reason for using paracetamol in cooking meat is to tenderize the meat to avoid the long hours it takes to get cook in order to meet the demands of customers.


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