Help integrate prisoners into society; Rev. Dr. Quarshie urges Ghanaians


The Executive Director of Bible League Ghana, Rev. Dr. Ahmed Kenneth Quarshie has urged Ghanaians to help integrate prisoners into society inorder to prevent them from going back as the continuous rejection by society has a long term implications of affecting their livelihood and undermining the security of the country.

Speaking in an interview with a section of the media at the inauguration ceremony of the Advisory Board and ‘’Ghana Prisons for Christ’’ in Accra, he said most people have resorted to going back to prison as the only alternative after been released due to the failure of society to support and help integrate them into society.

According to him, societal neglect over the years is a contributory factor in reinforcing their desire to go back to prison as it nurtures them into becoming hardened criminals to deal with, describing the existing situation as unfortunate and has the tendency to threaten the security of the country if not addressed.
He said ‘’many of our brothers and sisters after going to prison are rejected and what we seek to do is to support these prisoners especially those who do not have accommodation and are rejected by their families after their release.

We just want to make sure they are really transformed and so we will engage them with the scriptures, give them opportunity to ask questions and encourage them to read the Bible and once they are able to live a good lives it will help improve the security of the country’’.

When asked what Bible league Ghana hopes to achieve after the inauguration of the ‘Ghana prisons for Christ’, he said Bible league will provide hope to prisoners and also transform them with the help of the word of God irrespective of the type offence committed.

He noted “People should not see themselves as hopeless because they are confined in a prison, the truth is that if you have Jesus Christ you have hope and a future. We believe that not everybody in prison is a criminal, some are there not because they are involved in criminality.

The Bible says for all have sinned, not about what they do even if you are outside with out Jesus Christ you are a sinner so we want the gospel to get to all the prisoners. Their lives will also improve as well as the security of the country.

Rev. Dr. Quarshie therefore advised people particularly the youth to stay focus and desist from engaging in any act that has the tendency to affect them in their pursuit to achieve their future aspirations.

“Whoever is a president, vice-president today was a youth before, if they had involved their lives into criminality they wouldn’t have become president. Allow Christ into your life, and focus on what you believe the lord has endowed in you to do and move passionately towards it.’’ He added.

He further cautioned the youth not to use their economic circumstances as yardstick to engage in any form of criminality citing biblical examples of how some people in Egypt worked as slaves but were able to live unblemished lives despite their difficult economic conditions.

The national Board chairman of Bible league Ghana, COP Rev. Nenyi Ampah Bennin, in his address also appealed to Christian Institutions to support the administration of parachurch organizations such as Bible league as their objective among other things are to complement the work of churches in the country.

According to the chairman, the ministry of Bible league will be further expanded to all the sixteen regions not only to meet the spiritual needs of society but to also create employment for citizens, thereby ‘supporting the Ghana beyond aid agenda of president Akuffo Addo and also connect all prisons with the ministry of Bible league for inmates to own and study the Bible’.

The ceremony brought together members of the clergy and Christian organisations.

Story By: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah


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