The Wealth Of Ahafo Region Depends On The Health Of The People – Minister Reveals


The one and only mirror of the president of the Republic of Ghana, H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the newly created Ahafo Region, Hon. Evans Opoku-Bobie has revealed to health workers and the general public about the government’s commitment towards our health sector.

It is evidently clear that, every tom, dick and harry within the Ahafo Region ought to be healthy before they can contribute their quota to the development of the Region.

The president is much aware that the health system in the Country is very critical for National Development, the vision of the government is to see to it that the right to health for all Ghanaians is absolutely guaranteed through an established health sector, sustainable ability to deliver affordable, equitable and easily accessible healthcare.

The Regional Minister charged all the six health directorate within the Ahafo Region to work hard in improving on quality health delivery.

He emphasised on a point that, public health Education is very paramount therefore, all the directorates have to intensify their education on most of the health related issues to the people.

The government is poised to support them because, quality healthcare is very crucial for our survival. The Minister commended them of their half-year performance review meeting.

Hon. Evans Opoku-Bobie disclosed to the representatives of the six health directorates about an effort made by the Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council through the Ministry of health and the president of the Republic in constituting Ahafo Regional health directorate.

He explained that the Ahafo Regional health directorate is part of the benefits of the creation of Ahafo Region.

The audience were so ecstatic and appreciated the minister and the president in a clap offering. The health workers pledged their peevish support for the Regional health directorate.

Hon. Evans Opoku-Bobie used the opportunity as a hulking conduit and extended his message by advising the general public to take part of the sanitation campaign so that our environs will be free from filthiness.

He alluded to one of the popular saying by Americans which is dubbed ‘GOD TELLS US TO LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR BUT NOT OUR NEIGHBOR’S GARBAGE, PUT GARBAGE IN HOPPER.’

The hardworking Ahafo Regional minister is of the view that, a clean environment will play a pivotal role in the health of the people. It is a high time we put a stop on littering our surroundings because it is our everything. He reiterated on that particular pricket.

Story By: Agyapong Francis Nimpong known as Political Pastor Cashier.


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