We have not allocated lands to Foshan Chamber of Commerce *TDC clears air


TDC Development company limited has disclaimed Foshan chamber of Commerce as their client for any industrial plot in Ashiaman and its environs.

The only investor according to the Protocol and Administrative officer of TDC, Ian Okwei who has been allocated a 60 acre a commercial land around the Ashiaman overhead is the Sentuo Group under the One factory One District initiative for an industrial and commercial hub.

The TDC stated categorically that Foshan Chamber of Commerce or their agent in Ghana, Mr Joe Mart are not in TDC records as clients, saying that the TDC don’t have any transaction with the multi-national investment company.”

According to the TDC, the management of the company claims that they bought the said land Ashaiman municipality, saying that they should know that the Ashaiman municipality does own in the area.

The TDC in the statement copied to Today yesterday pointed out that all the lands at Tema enclaves are vested in the hands of TDC under the Tema Acquisition Law.

“You can the search at the Lands Comission of Ghana to ascertain the truth. The group so far far as TDC is ware is the Tema Chief, doesn’t allocates lands to the group,” the statement noted and warned the company to desist from that habit in order not land them into the trouble

The Tema Development Corporation (TDC) was set up in 1952 by an Act of Parliament with the sole responsibility to plan and develop about 63 square miles of public land for various land cases and also manage the township that had been created to provide accommodation to those that would be engaged in these economic operations.

TDC was given a 125 year lease term to manage this land area known as the Tema Acquisition Area.

The Corporation since its birth has gone through many experiences involving structural and legislative changes that have cumulatively given it a new lease of life.

Source:Yaovi Azietrogah Awlesu-Doe


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