African University College of Communications(AUCC) ranked 5th best Private Uni, beat UPSA in National ranking


The race to be the best university in the country has always been a tough one for most universities.

This rank as done by webometrics has a huge influence on bragging rights and what each university stands for.

Ranking Web or Webometrics is the largest academic ranking of Higher Education Institutions.

Since 2004 and every six months an independent, objective, free, open scientific exercise is performed by the Cybermetrics Lab (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC) for the providing reliable, multidimensional, updated and useful information about the performance of universities from all over the world based on their web presence and impact.

The January 2019 edition of Webometrics Ranking of World Universities on tertiary institutions has been released and African University College of Communications(AUCC) clinched 5th position in the Private university ranking.

The school is further ranked 14th in the country behind Valley View University while the University of Ghana was ranked first ahead of University of Cape Coast and KNUST.

One notable missing school who didn’t make it into the top 20 schools was University of Professional Studies (UPSA)

Bellow is the list:

  1. University of Ghana
  2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology
  3. University of Cape Coast
  4. University for Development Studies
  5. Garden City University College
  6. University of Education Winneba
  7. Ashesi University
  8. Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
  9. Ghana Telecom University College
  10. University of Mines & Technology Tarkwa
  11. Presbyterian University College
  12. University of Health and Allied Sciences
  13. Valley View University
  14. African University College of Communications
  15. Regional Maritime University
  16. University of Energy and Natural Resources
  17. Central University
  18. Methodist University College Ghana
  19. All Nations University College
  20. Pentecost University College.


Webometrics only publish a unique Ranking of Universities in every edition. The combination of indicators is the result of a careful investigation and it is not open to individual choosing by users without enough knowledge or expertise in this field.

Other publishers provide series of very different rankings using exactly the same data in different fashions that are completely useless and very confusing.

Webometrics is a ranking of all the universities of the world, not only a few hundred institutions from the developed world.

Of course, “World-class” universities usually are not small or very specialized institutions.

Webometrics is continuously researching for improving the ranking, changing or evolving the indicators and the weighting model to provide a better classification.

It is a shame that a few rankings maintain stability between editions without correcting errors or tuning up indicators.

Rankings backed by a for-profit company exploiting rank-related business or with strong political links reflected in individual ranks should be checked with care.

Research only (bibliometrics) based rankings are biased against technologies, computer science, social sciences and humanities, disciplines that usually amounts for more than half of the scholars and students in a standard comprehensive university. Webometrics also measure, in an indirect way, other missions like teaching or the so-called third mission, considering not only the scientific impact of the university activities, but also the economic relevance of the technology transfer to industry, the community engagement (social, cultural, environmental roles) and even the political influence.

Webometrics uses link analysis for quality evaluation as it is a far more powerful tool than citation analysis or global surveys.

In the first case, bibliometrics only counts formal recognition between peers, while links not only includes bibliographic citations but also third parties involved with university activities.

Surveys are not a suitable tool for World Rankings as there is not even a single individual with a deep (several semesters per institution), multi-institutional (several dozen), multidisciplinary (hard sciences, biomedicine, social sciences, technologies) experience in a representative sample (different continents) of universities worldwide.

Take a look at this below….

Current SRC Prez(H.E Samuel Yeboah)

SRC WEEK (Female DJ Eliane)

Interhall games

Karibu Night

Excellence Awards night

Student Entrepreneur

Portia Solomon Gabor SRC Essay Comp. Winners

Also P.S.G Essay Comp.Winner

Just pick a form and experience this, then you will know the name of this event.


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