State vehicles missing saga: Leave me alone Hohoe MP fires at national security operatives


NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Hohoe Constituecy of the Volta Region, Dr Bernice Adiku Heloo was alarmed over the rising phenomenon of harassment and intimidation being meted out to her by national security operatives at the presidency.

Consequently, the female law maker vehemently warned the national security operatives to stop that barbaric and wicked attitudes again her since her hands are clean of government vehicles on the missing list or any wrong doing.

Narrating her ordeal in an interview with journalists, she stated the national security operatives stopped her Toyota Camry in the middle of the road in Accra in the name of retrieving government vehicles on the missing lists.

This, she said, has happened on three separate occasions while driving her own Toyota Camry and indicated that former government officials in the former President John Dramani Mahama administration had complained of similar harassment.

The former Deputy Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation stated that last week she was passing through the airport area in her Toyota Camry when some unidentified persons on board of national security vehicle run to her shouting, “stop! stop!”

“They said they were security operatives from the presidency and that they were going to investigate, nothing happened they took my number.”

“I followed up to the airport police station to inquire about stopping me in the middle of the road, harassing and embarrassing while people are watching.”

Dr Bernice Adiku Heloo pointed out that there are more refined ways of investigating government vehicles that had been stolen.

“All they have to do is have the list of the cars and their chassis numbers and they can go to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to check and recall the stolen cars and stop these harassments.”

“I am calling on the Presidency and head of security operatives to find a better way of getting the stolen cars. They should write to people who have these stolen cars. I have not received any letter from them.”

“Why? Someone thinks my Toyota Camry looks like a government car so they follow and harass me on my way to work.”

Asked whether she had brought the issue to the attention of the leadership of the House, she indicated the first time it occurred, she drew attention of leadership and was advised to report to the police.

Source:Yaovi Azietroga KORYEKPOR AWLEU



    Stop harassing our highly respected, calm and hardworking MP. The HON member is known to have served this country well in the capacity as a deputy minster of Environment, Science, Technology and innovation and continues to represent her constituents diligently. Any attempt to destroy the selfless and dedicated reputation she built over the years will not washed. This vindictive and character assassination posture of the NPP and its allies is wicked, malicious and devilish and must be condemn by all the well meaning Ghanaians. Why cant the NPP allow her to serve her term in peace?

    We all accepted democracy and rule of law . This Rambo style of parading party cronies all in the name of National Security to harass our MP on the streets of Accra is totally unacceptable.

    We know this action is one of the many orchestrated plans by the NPP in the Hohoe constituency to make her and the NDC unpopular. But guess what the citizens and the constituents are wide awake.

    What we need from the NPP administrtion is for them to deliver on the numerous promises made during the 2016 general election and not to be rebranding projects completed under the NDC administration by either the central government or the municipal Assembly for credit.

    Hohoe constituency needs its 1million dollar per constituency per year and the factory. We equally needs our roads fixed, utility tariffs reduced, and 24/7 availability of electricity among other promises.

    Please stop the witch-hunting and concentrate on your mandate. Enough is enough.

    Several attempts were made to frustrate members of the NDC in Hohoe and the constituency at large.

    We are aware of the numerous NPP party boys enrolled on the Youth in Afforestation programme who are not at post yet receives salaries.

    These same boys were engaged in the just ended limited registration exercise to cause confusion leading to the scuffles seen in the registration center delaying the process in some instances for more than 5 hours and denying most people the opportunity to be registered.

    Credible intelligence picked by some of us unmasks their clandestine plans to engage the same party boys as NIA Personnel to frustrate the registration process of Ghana Card in the Constituency. We are very much aware they also plan to transfer votes from some parts of the region and Ashaiman to Hohoe to garner vote for the NPP parliamentary candidate.

    As if it is not enough? NPP Hohoe now tasked the national Security personnel to be harassing the HON MP.

    We believe there is a proper channel of retrieving a stolen vehicle if indeed its been stolen. Our MP is an honourable person and any ploy to frustrate her in any form merits the wrath of the constituents she is representing.
    If the NPP in its widest imagination thinks this cruel and ill~natured plans can make them win the Hohoe seat, then am sorry. They need to revised their notes. We are ready for them come 2020.


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