Enact laws to make political parties financially accountable- Prof. Atsu Ayee



A senior Lecturer at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana, Professor Atsu Aryee has called on government to enact laws that will help make political parties accountable and prevent excessive spending by in political elections.

Professor Ayee said this at a national stakeholders consultation meeting on monetisation of politics in Ghana.

According to him, this will bring integrity in the public sector, build stronger political parties and also address illicit financial transaction in political elections.

He noted “Even though laws and regulations were important, they require a conducive social fabric that empowers citizens and encourage accountability, and ensure proper implementation and sustainability of integrity-enhanced system”

Speaking on the topic “Money, Influence, Corruption and Capture: Can Ghana’s Democracy Be Safeguard”, Professor Ayee said monetization in politics is one way of perpetuating corruption and has implications of adversely affecting the governance of countries.

“Even though money in politics is necessary for political parties to play their role, such money must be used judiciously to promote political governance, failure will lead to crimes or vices of influence, corruption and capture of power to the advantage of the few”.

On the issue of safeguarding Ghana’s democracy, called on all stakeholders particularly civil society organisations, the media to track how money is been used in politics by checking how money is used as to influence political elections in the appointment of public officials.

He further asked citizens to scrutinise the various manifestoes of political parties monitor their performance recommended a study into the manifestoes of political parties and monitor their outputs and results in order to make them accountable and transparent when elected into power for accountability and transparency.

Prof Ayee said political parties were seen as office seekers whose motive is to capture political power and seen by the public to be people who are there for personal agrandisement rather than public interest.

This according to him can be attributable to the explained that these negative perceptions of these parties due to their financial challenges they are facing.

He emphasised that ‘Weak promotion of internal democracy also contributed to the negative perception which has increased the monetization of politics and capture of the parties by moneybags”

He added that “There is decreased public trust in politics, politicians and political parties. Political parties must become developmentally minded or oriented to move away from being electoral machines’.

The meeting which was held in Accra and organised by the ministry of parliamentary affairs brought together members of parliament, Diplomatic corps, academia among others.

By: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah


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