‘I’m Not Imposing Myself To Be Re-elected’ Former Prestea Huni-valley DCE Cries


Former District Chief Executive (DCE) for Huni-Valley District of the Western Region under erstwhile John Dramani Mahama led National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration, Mr Robert Wisdom Cudjoe, has stated categorically that he was not imposing himself on the people to be re-elected the second time for the position of parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the NDC in the area.

According to the NDC firebrand, he is very eligible to stand for the NDC parliamentary candidate should the needs he said he was considering arises for him to declare his intention to contest the incoming NDC parliamentary primaries slated for August 24, 2019.

“I am not imposing myself. I am eligible to stand in 2020 and if you can come to the Prestea-Huni Valley Constituecy the people will tell you that with my gross truck records, I am eligible to stand for the NDC parliamentary candidate for 2020… God willing and if my people allow me, I will contest for the NDC parliamentary primaries,” Mr Cudjoe declared.

Mr Cudjoe was responding to the statement by some supporters and members including footsoldiers and sympathisers of the NDC in the area who had vowed to resist any attempt by Mr Cudjoe who doubles as the former NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Prestea Huni-Valley Constituecy to contest incoming NDC’s parliamentary primaries.

The anger of the supporters and members, has raised up when they over heard that Mr Cudjoe was preparing to pick the nomination forms to contest the upcoming NDC parliamentary primaries in the constituency.

Mr Cudjoe’s latest decision is strongly being fought by those aggrieved supporters and members of the party with the explanation to the effect that Mr Cudjoe coming back would be doomed for the party since the NDC has prepared to wrestle the seat from the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2020 showdown.

This is because the members of the party claimed that Mr Cudjoe has lost massively in 2016 general elections to the NPP Member of Parliament (MP) for Prestea Huni-Valley Constituecy, Mrs. Barbara Oteng-Gyasi.

They noted that Mr Cudjoe lost the election due to the accusation of his teaming up with the joint taskforce of military and police to brutalize many illegal small scale miners in the area at the time that he was an DCE for the area.

They further accused him for creating disaffection and division amongst party members in the constituency.

The allegations, Mr Cudjoe have vehemently denied and stated that it was manufactured lies cooked by those faceless individual supporters and members of the party, ostensibly to tarnish his image.

Speaking in an interview via telephone on Saturday July 6, 2018, Mr Cudjoe stressed that the lost of the Prestea-Huni Valley NDC parliamentary seat to the NPP cannot be blamed on him.

He explained that there are evidences attested to the fact that some disgruntled constituency executives who were in the camp of the former NDC MP for the area, Mr Blay Koffie influenced the eligible voters to vote massively for Mrs Oteng-Gyasi to win the 2016 parliamentary elections.

He added that “They voted skirt and blouse against me because they were not happy of me unseating Mr Blay Koffie to become the parliamentary candidate for the NDC in the 2016 general elections.”

When asked whether he will be contesting the NDC incoming parliamentary primaries, Mr Cudjoe responded that he is yet to decide.

“My brother ( referring to our reporter) l am even not in Prestea-Huni-Valley as l am speaking to you, l am in Takoradi pursuing professional course before l heard that our party has opened nominations for the parliamentary primaries.

“And that l have been receiving distress calls from the people of Prestea-Huni Valley Constituency asking whether l have intention to contest the primaries but l have not decided yet,” Mr Cudjoe noted.

Mr Cudjoe stated that their primary focus is now on the ongoing limited voters registration exercise carried out by the officials of the Electoral Commission (EC) in order to get supporters and members of the NDC fully registered before he can decided whether to contest or not.

He also denied the allegations levelled against him that he was not helping or supporting the potential supporters and members who eligible are to register in the ongoing national limited voters registration exercise.

“This is complete lie and wicked because as l am speaking to you right now, my pick up vehicles were moving in some remote areas in the constituency picking those eligible supporters and members of the NDC to the registration centres at Bogoso to do the registration so where from this accusation,” he explained.

To this end, Mr Cudjoe called on the people, particularly the supporters and members of the NDC in the area to disregard the allegations levelled against him and treat it with contempt it deserves.



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