Npp Making Sammy Gyamfi Gain Solid Grounds


Sammy after having been introduced into the Ghanaian political landscape has gain prominence in the media for good reasons not only through his piercing and convincing communication but also his humility before his seniors.

I have monitored him from afar and can say so far that he is made a positive impact since he took over the mantle as an NCO of the great NDC.

This is what I heard from someone about Sammy Gyamfi sometime ago; “I used to detest him because, everywhere you pass, had people singing his name. I sat home one-day watching newspaper review and he happened to be on the show. I couldn’t but to conclude that guy is a gem after the program”.

That is the convincing and piercing strategy with which he communicates.

Unsurprisingly, the elephants are uncomfortable with his “chucking” class of communication because the truth hurts them.

They call him liar, disrespectful and propagandist but he keeps showing up on Radio and TVs.

The question the elephant can’t answer still remains indelible.

Which radio or tv station would keep inviting a liar and a disrespectful person to be on their shows?

So that their reputation goes down because they invite liars?

It’s just funny.
They called upcoming young politicians like Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Hon Felix Kwakye Ofosu and the likes, names such as children, babies with sharp teeth, disrespectful among others. They rose up to become MPs and ministers of state.

I’m not surprised Sammy Gyamfi is going through same. It means that people who face this treatment from the NPP are seen as a threat and have bright futures.

Time is Sammy’s friend.
Time will exonerate him.
Time will prove him right.
“If you can’t him, must you fight”?
Yassir Arafat.
UGACC TEIN Organiser,


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