” Friends of Aboagye Gyedu” fires back at Seaman’s accusations


The Friends of Aboagye Gyedu in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai constituency have replied one Mr. Ben Ali Seaman over the recorded audio making rounds on social media to bring down had won reputation of the Western North Regional Minister.

A press conference was held on Tuesday 2 July, 2019 at Bibiani led by the able executives of the group- Samuel Biri Kofi, Peter Gibson, Zunia, Isaac Mensah and others.

According to them, they deemed the said audio as mischievous  and misleading and has no factual basis and its the intention of that man(Seaman) to bring down the God given reputation of the regional minister.

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Read the full statement below;

Accusations levelled against the Western North Minister backfires: Friends of Aboagye Gyedu.

The attention of the Friends of Aboagye Gyedu, the western north regional minister has been drawn to an audio making rounds on social media, claiming by the Defeated NPP 1st vice chairman, Mr Ben Ali Seaman levelled against our regional minister.

Friends of Hon. Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu deem the said audio as malicious, mischievous and misleading and has no factual basis and it is only intended to bring the hard won reputation of our regional minister and his office to disrepute. And in view of the fallacious nature of the reportage, Mr Ben Ali Seaman said nobody should defend the regional minister, we want to tell him that, nobody needs his defense. In his claim that he sacrificed and even dedicated his life in supporting the western north regional minister prior to both 2012 and 2016 general elections, he did that in biased manner where in so many ways campaigned “skirt and blouse” vote pattern. His assertion that the western north regional minister is inquisitive is not the valid and best describes his own attitude, since that is the means for his survival as he is being moved to offices and individuals to spread rumours and peddle falsehood for personal aggrandizement.

Ben Ali Seaman, in his audio circulating on social media alludes that the regional minister is found of writing falsehood against certain individuals mostly in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Constituency which has no iota of truth but only wrote a letter to the Local Government minister, expression concerns over the conduct of the Deputy Regional Minister which were healthy in the process of the newly created region. Even to this, the regional minister has resorted to all the approved channels in addressing his concerns but yielded nothing in changing his attitude towards his position. Mr. Seaman’s suggestion that the MP’s Common Fund be used as a loan facility to individuals in the Constituency and beyond is very unfortunate since there are guidelines laid for the disbursement of the money. He has also strongly accused the regional minister for taking bribes from the many youth who he has helped to be recruited into the public service but this mischievous accusations is groundless and untrue. The Staff working at Bibiani College of Health Sciences are not solely the family members of the regional minister but people from within and outside the Constituency had been appointed to work there.

Since he wants the downfall and failure of the party and government, he Ben Ali Seaman and Cohorts are conniving and diabolically planning to meet some NDC party faithful to sabotage the party and government thereby making it unpopular both in the region and constituency.

Kwaku Gyedu Pusherz


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