Tension Brews At Mepe *As Akorlor, Adzesu, Avli Gates Wave Red Flag Over Installation Of New Paramount Chief


ELDERS and youth of Akorlor, Adzesu and Avli gates of the Mepe Paramount Stool in the North Tongu District in the Volta Region, have raised red flag over what they described as a “completely illegal, uncustomary and unlawful” installation of the 64-year-old retired educationalist, Akorli Gli from the Gli Royal gate as the Mepe paramount chief.

Addressing a press conference yesterday to register their displeasure at the purported installation, the spokesperson for the Akorlor, Adzesu and Avli gate, Godwin Kwabla Avadetsi stressed that the installation of Mr Akorli Gli under the stool name Togbega Awuku Anipati V was illegally and unlawfully performed by the Regent of Mepe Paramount Stool, Ruldolf Kwadzo Gli and his cohorts; including Manklado of Mepe,Togbe Korsi Nego VI and Tsidi Akuffo Akorlor.

According to Mr. Godwin Kwabla Avadetsi, the action of Mr Kwadzo Gli and his associates was completely contemptuous against the recent ongoing chieftaincy case pending before the Judiciary Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs (VRHS) and Mepe Chieftaincy Dispute Resolution Committee between Adzesu-Akolor-Avli gate and Gli gate, and called on all and sundry to disregards the installation of Akorli Gli.

He revealed that there was no any final judgment on the ongoing chieftaincy dispute before the VRHC which was between Rudolph Kwadwo Gli, Togbe Korsi VI and Tsidi Akuffo Akorlor of Gli gate and Kokoe Agbezuke, Mr Azi Akorlor Noah God’s, Azumah Azaglo and Mr Godwin Kwabla Avadetsi of Adzesu-Akolor-Avli gate over the rightful candidate to the throne of Mepe royal paramount stool, to the succession of the late substantive paramount chief, Togbega Kwao Anipati IV, who died in 2005 after reigning for 19 years.

He stated that the chieftaincy case which is being tried by the Judicial Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs was adjourned on Monday July 17, 2019 to July 23, 2019 and expressed their displeasure and surprised at the latest development which has degenerated into hated, misunderstanding and argument in the area thereby creating insecurity and tension in the township.

“So we are surprised that Mr Kwadzo Gli who is even the petitioner to the case at the Volta Regional House Chiefs would lead the execution of this unlawful installation which has heightened tension and insecurity in Mepe Township, although there was no final judgment or ruling of the chieftaincy case,” Mr Avadetsi stated.

Mr Avadetsi, therefore appealed to the Volta Regional House of Chiefs to try and expedite action on the chieftaincy dispute between Adzesu-Akolor-Avli gate and Gli family, over the rightful candidate to the Mepe Royal Paramount Stool.

To this end, Mr Avsdetsi on behalf of the Adzesu-Akolor-Avli gate has issued a one-week ultimatum to Mepe Traditional Council to do something before they incur their wrath, while he appealed to the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Volta Regional Minister, Volta Regional Police Commander, National House of Chiefs and Ministries of Chieftaincy and Culture and Interior to intervene and address the issue.

Mr Avadetsi noted that the member of Adzesu-Akolor-Avli families of Mepe also threatened to resort to legal battle over the installation of Mr Akorli as a new Paramount Chief of the area in the coming days if the state chieftaincy institutions and authorities failed to heed their call within the stipulated period.

It would be recalled that on Sunday, August 14, 2011 there was sporadic shooting in Mepe township, following the unrest associated with abortive attempts by some key divisional chiefs of Mepe and Gli family of Akovie-Divisional Clan to enstool Mr. Gli Akorli as Mepe Paramount Chief

And the case has since been pending before the Volta Regional House of Chiefs in Ho for settlement for almost nine years now (2011 to 2019) to the detriment of the entire Mepe Traditional Area.
Due that development, Mepe Traditional Council, has not been functioning effectively for the past four years because of the existing chieftaincy dispute which has become an albatross on the neck of the people of Mepe.

However, in July 22, 2014, the Paramount Chief of Ziavi Traditional Area, Togbe Ayim, who was part of the dispute resolution panel at the Volta Regional House of Chiefs headed by the Agbogbofia of Asogli State, Togbe Afede, the youth recounted, made an appeal to the Akorlor-Adzesu-Avli and Gli factions through the House to withdraw the case for a peaceful settlement at home.
The House and the feuding factions consequently agreed and went on to set-up a committee to investigate the dispute.

After the findings of the committee which was chaired by Togbe Ayim who doubles as the then Vice President of Volta Regional House of Chiefs, the committee on Thursday, October 2, 2014 ruled in favour of Gli faction of the same Mepe Akovie Divisional Clan at the meeting held at Mepe Royal Masito Palace, a popular hotel in Mepe township.

But the Adzesu-Akorlor-Avli families which formed part of one-gate of Mepe Akovie Divisional Clan who took the matter to Volta Regional House of Chiefs persistently refused to accept the verdict of the committee.

At that meeting which was made the final declaration of the judgement of the committee’s findings, Avadetsi, noted that: ” They made it clear to the committee immediately after its ruling in favour of Gli gate that the verdict was in “complete disrespect” of the succession document signed by the elders of the royal houses of the Mepe Paramount Stool.”

Mr. Avadetsi noted further that the ruling of the committee did not satisfy the Akolor-Adzesu-Avli faction, hence their decision to reject the verdict and re-send the matter back to the House for redress.

He asserted that the succession document which explained how a candidate should be selected and enstooled categorically spelt out that it was the tenure of Akorlor and his sister’s children lineage-Adzesu family, who should be enstooled as the Togbe Anipati in the area after the demise of Togbega Dr. Kwao Anipati IV.”

Source:New Crusading Guide newspaper


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