Mepe Gets New Paramount chief *Amid jubilation


PRINCIPAL Kingmakers and accredited heads of families and elders of Mepe Traditional Area in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region have successfully installed a new paramount Chief for the area after the nine years of chieftaincy litigation.

The traditional area has been without a substantive chief for years following the death of the previous chief of the area, Togbega Dr Kwao Anipati.

The new paramount chief, under stool name Togbega Awuku Anipati was on Sunday June 23, 2019 taken through the customary rituals of the area to signify his installation.

His instalment by the Stool father of the Mepe Paramount Royal Stool, Togbe Tsidi Akuffo Akorlor with supreme support of Manklado of Mepe, Togbe Nego was in line with the Mepe’s tradition and customs to succeed the late substantive chief of Mepe,Togbega Dr Kwao Anipati IV.

The late Paramount Chief of Mepe,Togbega Dr Kwao Anipati IV whom Togbega Awutu Anipati V succeeded has reigned the throne for 19 years and died in 2005.

Police officers were deployed to assist to provide security during the ceremony which ended peacefully.

Addressing the people of Mepe,Togbega Awutu Anipati called on all feuding factions including Adzesu-Akolor-Avli gates to burry their differences and come together to support him to develop the area.

He expressed worry over the recent increasing rate of indiscipline and did unity among the people especially the youth in the area.

According to him, it appears that the standard level of discipline togetherness and unity in Mepe township have fallen due to lack of the leadership for the past nine (9) years after the death of the substantive paramount chief of Mepe,Togbega Dr Kwao Anipati IV who he succeeded.

Togbega Awuku Anipati V who believes that discipline and unity are only tool to reduce crimes, smoking practices and teenage pregnancy and falling standard of education in the area assured to team up with the various sub divisional chiefs, stakeholders, teachers and parents to inculcate discipline into the people.

Calling on the youth to be self-discipline, the chief noted that the self discipline can help mankind throughout life; “you can go everywhere, live and work anywhere; because your life is already ordered, you don’t need a third party to regulate your life for you.”

According to him, his people particularly the youth should try to develop self-confidence, persistence and leadership abilities as well as build an attitude of social responsibility and an understanding of cultural and intellectual differences.

Togbega Awuku Anipati V who was an retired stated that discipline led to social freedom and empowered people to be focused and, therefore, should be nurtured for the achievement of future goals.

Being passionate about the future of the young people in his area, specifically boys and girls, the 64- year-old paramount chief who is blessed with nine children stated that his people could only make progress if they disciplined themselves through nurturing self-esteem and creating grounds for self- development.

He said discipline went with self-denial, comportment and respect for other people, adding that focusing on developing such habits could make one self- disciplined to succeed in life.

He asserted that discipline is about controlling the ego in one’s self and further tasked parents to complement the efforts of the chiefs, opinion leaders and teachers to inculcate discipline into their children to achieve ultimate success.

“My vision is about upbringing of children so being an educationalist l would work with my sub divisional chiefs and business men and women, youth and stakeholders to promote quality and affordable education of the people in the North Tongu District” he assured.

When asked as a newly installed Paramount Chief what are some measures he would do to address other social challenges such as increased number of women engagement in smoking of illicit drugs, high rate of divorce, early child marriage, falling standard of education and gross disunity among the people, he promised to prioritize those challenge as major concerns in the area.

He averred that the afforemetioned problems are real challenges that are having negative impacts on the area, thereby inviting all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, pastors, and opinion leaders, to support the fight against these social menaces.

He added that her office will soon be meeting the various chiefs including stakeholders, the public sector players, traditional office holders, religious leaders, faith based organisations, civil society organizations and donor partners to fashion out solution address the challenges.



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