WESTERN NORTH: NDC holds press conference on Regional Minister and Deputy’s brouhaha


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) branch in Western North Region held a press conference on 21st June, 2019 at Sefwi Wiawso, to deal with the current and ongoing feud between the Western North regional Minister, Hon. Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu and his deputy, Hon. Alex Tetteh. 

Spaking at the press conference, the Western North Communication Officer for NDC, Jerome Sam said, the ongoing feud between the two Regional Ministers started a long ago but they thought it was such a mere speculation, until a letter dated 11th June, 2019 and addressed to the Local Government Ministry was sighted and contained numerous of complains made against the Deputy Regional Minister(DRM) by the Regional Minister (RM). In the letter, the Regional Minister (RM) posited that;

  1. The Deputy Regional Minister (DRM) submitted some names to the Local Government Ministry for recruitment as drivers without consulting the Regional Minister (RM). Meanwhile, five of the said drivers are from the DRM’s constituency (Akontombra), only to satisfy his interest as against the other district in the region.
  2.  The DRM has created a whatsapp group for DCEs in the region and intentionally leaving out the RM. Ladies and gentlemen, this gross insubordination and act of abusing the authority  of the RM has created disunity amongst the DCEs and will adversely affect the development of the region.
  3. The DRM commanded four Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) pick up vehicles to work in his constituency (Akontombra) for one full week without  informing the RM. Ladies and gentlemen how on earth can a DRM command the entire region property to work for his personal gains as against the development of the region. We the NDC wish to know from the DRM the following; 1. who fueled the cars to go work in Akontombra for the whole week? 2. who beard the maintenance cost of the vehicle ? if it is the government the DRM should be arrested because what he did was unlawful.
  4. The DRM intervenes and interrupt at will during meetings when the the RM is talking. Ladies and gentlemen of the press, this act is disgusting and very unproductive. How can the region develop when meetings which are intended to discuss  the development of the region are interrupted at will by a DRM ? Nothing good comes out from such meetings.
  5. The DRM deliberately withholds information from the RM and act his stead to make RM look bad before the chiefs and people in the region. Ladies and gentlemen, the RM cited the visit of the Vice President to the region as an example. In that said visit, the RM said the DRM kept the information from him two days to the visit. We the NDC see this situation immatured on the part of the DRM . It however shows the RM in not regarded as he thinks he is. All correspondence to the region must come through the RM and if this is not the case, then there is a problem.

The Deputy Regional Minister organizes Regional Security Council (REGSEC) meetings without the knowledge of the RM and also gives instruction to security personals to counter the RM’s instructions and directives. The RM cited the chieftaincy issues  of Sefwi Bekwai and Bodi as practical example. It is a fact that,  Hon. Alex Tetteh actually sent 20 police men to Bodi with 40 on standby to provide security without the recourse of the District police officials in Bodi. This action of the DRM has created serious security implications on Bodi district. Ladies and gentlemen we all know that the DRM has no absolute right in taking any decision on behalf of the RCC since the Chairman for REGSEC is the RM, unless of course he has the authority of his Minister. What is actually  the interest of the Deputy Regional Minister (DRM)?

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We the NDC find these issues raised unhealthy for our development as a new region. The afore mentioned clearly depicts the high level of incompetence on the part of the Regional Ministers as not been on top of issues and they cannot handle the region. It again show how disrespectful and insubordinate the Deputy Regional Minister can be . These attitude cannot develop the region. Hon Alex Tetteh both as DRM and Member of Parliament for the Akontombra constituency disrupt meetings should not be tolerated at all.

The President is partly to be blamed

We definitely know many will be amazed and question why the President can be brought into this? The answer remain simple, none of the two appointees appointed themselves . Article 78 and 79 gives the President power to appoint ministers and deputies.

Ladies and gentlemen , it is worthy to note as good citizens and party NDC , with  respect to  the appointment of two MPs as Regional Minister and Deputy. This we believe, will stagnate the development of the region as well as causing the ongoing problem.  This is because they all feel they have been voted for, to represent certain constituents.

Again, the president though not enjoined per article 79 and article 256(2) of the constitution which states that , the President may consult a Minister before appointing a deputy, for the sake of cohesion and unity. The president in this case did not but rather appointed them the same time.

                       OUR DEMANDS

Even though the President can not exonerate himself from this issue, we are calling on him to take the following actions if indeed he has the development of the region at heart;

  • The president should as a matter of urgency sack the Regional Minister and his deputy.
  • The Deputy Regional Minister has a sinister motive and such mindset cannot be used in nation building and such, we call on the President to dismiss him as soon as possible and should not even consider him for future position or appointment.
  •  The President should in future appointment to the region, must conduct proper investigations into the said persons to unearth their preparedness in helping our region to grow.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, it is an undeniable fact that our chiefs remain development partners, we are calling on our Nananom  not to meddle in our active politics      in order for their reputations to be questioned . Our chieftaincy remains paramount and sacred and so it must be . Chiefs are at liberty to support whoever they wish to support, but our plea is for them to remain as neutral as they can.

Brothers and sisters from the media, we wish to end by assuring the people of Western North Region that we the NDC party shall not relent on our quest to ensuring that we attain the needed development we all fought for.

Long live Western North Region

Long live Ghana

















  1. N p p have not exhausted capabilities in Western North to solve conflicts between our hon.minister and his deputy.
    N D C should give us break.
    Enemies of progress.


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