Take the limited registration exercise serious and get involve – Apatsea Isaac Kwasi entreated the youths


Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi a Parliamentarian Hopeful in the Upper Denkyira east Constituency in the central Region has charged the Youth of Ghana to take the ongoing Limited registration exercise serious and get involved.

At a meet the press interview, he said their future is very important hence treating the exercise with all the urgency needed.

On the issue of requirements, he urged them to carry along to the center their birth certificate or passports to speed up the process, if they don’t have them too two people already registered can serve as guarantors.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi again said, that the youth not be brainwashed that partisan politics is had and therefore must not engage in it. He assured that the youth will defiantly take over from the elderly, and therefore must be ready for the task ahead.

He once again motivated the youth by saying that anticipating that development comes out of election begins with registering and obtaining a voter ID card.

Source: Apatsea Isaac Kwasi


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