Go and join LOOM and stop complaining there’s no money in Ghana – Bawumia to Ghanaians


Vice President Dr. (Alhaji) Mahamadu Bawumia has encouraged Ghanaians, especially the youth to form what he termed as concrete engagements and business partnerships in key strategic areas.

Speaking at a conference “Making Ghana Great” in my dream, he said it’s sad to hear lazy Ghanaians complaining of hardship in the country when there are many opportunities for them to excel and build world class businneses.

Dr. Bawunia suggested that there is a community helping people across Africa to make huge returns on their money within few days and he will urge everyone to join.

The second gentleman of the land mentioned that LOOM is the name of the company and he as a business tycoon has already invested the $200m donation World Bank gave Ghana to redevelop Accra and prevent flooding in the scheme.

Dr. Bawumia urged Ghanaians that ” don’t be there and complain the government is not helping us, what are you also doing? Instead of you to invest in the LOOM Ghs50 for Ghs400 you are there on social media screaming there’s hardship in Ghana. Oh lazy Ghanaians”

Commenting on SEC warning Ghanaians not to partake in LOOM because it’s not a licensed business, the vice president indicated that “Don’t mind those people they’re hypocrites as I speak they’ve all invested in LOOM. And let me add that, the president Nana Addo Darkwa Akufo-Addo is a beneficiary of it. SEC is working for the NDC They collapsed Menzgold and now many Ghanaians have vowed to vote against us in the 2020 elections. They are causing unemployment”

He admonished that “together, let us push hard so we can improve the lives of ordinary citizens when you invest in LOOM invite your friend to join don’t be greedy. It’s a team work”

The veep also showered praises on the CEO of LOOM, according to him government is very much grateful to him for his great initiative and has plans to confer on him the Order of the Volta.


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