Bimbilla: Passengers Attacked At Night, One Killed, Market Woman Gang Raped


Armed robbers last night June 11 attacked passengers of 4 vehicles carrying
market traders on Yendi-Bimbilla Road.

According to the passengers who spoke to, they were Tuesday night travelling from a popular weekly market at Gbintiri in the North East Region and others from Saboba to Kpassa when Five men welding 2 Ak47 assault Riffles and cutlasses blocked the road with electric poles in between Pusiga and Ganguyili, suburbs of Bimbilla making the vehicles to stop while passengers onboard were ordered to all lie face down on the Road.

In the processes, a Kia Rhino Vehicle which was on speed upon noticing people were
lying on the road veered off the road but mistakenly stepping on one of the
victims to death.

Sums of money are reported to have been taken from the passengers.
One of the passengers  reports that the sum of Ghc1,700 was taken from him
while others report of Ghc500 and so on.

One woman onboard the vehicle is reported to have been raped in turns by
the armed Robbers! The identity of armed robbers are not known but the passengers’ reports that they are believed  to be Fulani and spoke Mossi, Fulani and broken
Likpakpaanl Languages. No arrest has been made.


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