Happy 27th Anniversary To The National Democratic Congress – NDC



Today in history, a Political Movement that will end the corrupt, maltreatments, and bad governance practices was formed and registered.

As we commemorate this day, may the tenants that led to our party’s formation be reignited in us and the vision that our forebears saw be re-inspired as we gear up for a BOOT TO BOOT 2020.

Let us remember the struggles of the past and be guided accordingly in our current endeavors. Many people started with us but are today no more. Illustrious men and women of high repute. May we not loose sight of their wishes as we commemorate this day in our life as a party.

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As 2020 approaches, let us again be reminded and guided by our Founder’s instructive call at the Cape Coast Sport Stadium during our 2016 Campaign Launch. Let us also not be ignorant about the devices of our opponents.

While we expose their ills and lack of candour, may we consciously present ourselves as BEST ALTERNATIVE for the good people of Ghana. Reminding them how we are credited with almost all the Infrastructural Developmental Projects, Best Economic Policies, Employment Reforms, etc after our First President and Nation Founder Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Let’s keep our National to Branch Executives in prayers so that they are gifted with strategies that will propel us to victory in the upcoming General Elections and beyond.

Let comradeship rise in us again.

Long Live Ghana
Long Live NDC

Thank you.

Lawrence Roland ARTHUR
Parliamentary candidate HOPEFUL
Weija-Gbawe Constituency
Greater Accra – Ghana


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