‘Wee’ Cultivations, Sales Boom *At Tongor-Dzemeni Simon and Havor Villages



Simon and Havor Kope (villages), the two fishing and farming communities in the over bank at Tongor-Dzemeni in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region are now becoming the safe heaven for the cultivations and sales of Indian hemp popularly known as ‘wee,' Myafricatoday.com investigations have unveiled.
Strangely, the online portal gathered that this alarming situation has, therefore, amidst the alleged rampant killings of innocent persons by the farmers, ostensibly to perform rituals to pacify their farms to help them grow more wee products in every wee growing seasons in the two communities.
The farmers in the two communities, we discovered had inter-cropped the narcotic drug with maize, rice and pepper on sale farm lands to outwit the state security regulatory agencies.
And that Myafricatoday.com was reliably informed that the cultivations of the wee has become a very lucrative farming business for the majority of the people in the two communities which had made these communities an end-user and peddler hub for illicit drugs trade.
Further investigations have revealed that Simon and Havor communities have been seriously plagued by all manner of violence and social-vices, which include killings of innocent persons for rituals, minors engaged in prostitution, stealing, alcoholism and armed robbery.
The high sales of wee and some deadly concoction believed to be alcoholic beverages mixed with Indian hemp, was also recorded.
These notorious ghettos are popularly known amongst the drug peddlers, users and addicts as ‘mangotrees ghettos.
About 90 per cent of the people in the two communities are alleged to be involved in cultivations, sales and smoking marijuana (wee), a worrying development which has become a grave concern to some concerned residents who have raised an alarm over this pressing issue.The residents who pleaded condition of anonymity expressed disappointment in the Donkorkrom District Police and Tongor-Dzemeni District Police Commands for failing to respond to an earlier complain regarding majority of people in the two two communities who had made wee farming as their farming lucrative business and young men of the areas who were normally found smoking wee and its related drugs.
They disclosed to Myafricatoday.com that some time ago, they reported the growing of wee and drug peddlers to the Donkorkrom and Tongor-Dzemeni District Police Commands, but no arrests were effected.
The discussion on the upsurge of the cultivations of wee and smoking by the people at both Simon and Havor communities came to light after  the dead body of a four-year-old pupil, Mawufeasi Ladzedo was found buried under the demaged fishing canoe along the black Volta lake on Tuesday May 28, 2019, while his body parts including his tongue were missing.
The report indicated that the mystery surrounding the murder of the boy is that the wee farmers in area lured the boy to kill and allegedly drained blood from his body to perform rituals, ostensibly to pacify their wee farms to help them to grow more wee products.

It said that Mawufeasi Ladzedo was not the only person who was murdered gruesomely in the area during this year
The report stated that they were told that Mawufeasi Ladzedo's forehead was smatched and parts of his body bruised and bloodied including his tongue was cut off from his mouth.

"And also, we were told that the skin of his lower-left leg was reportedly flayed, or peeled off, and his nostrils and an armpit dripping with blood when the body was discovered by a couple of his neighbors and Asafo groups of both Simon and Havor communities," Madam Etornam Magic and Mr Mawuli Ladzedo further detailed.


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