Panic withdrawal takes over Standard Trust Micro Finance


Ashanti Regional branch of Standard Trust Micro Finance Loans Investment located at Roman Hill has been hit by a panic withdraw attack.

Aggrieved customers during the early hours of today 3rd June 2019 in their numbers stormed the premises of the financial institution to make withdrawal of their hard made deposits.

They claim that their action follows a fresh report they recieved that the institution has been shortlisted among the 347 micro finance companies whose license have been revoked by the Bank of Ghana.

At the time our news team visited the scene, customers in their attempt to enter the Banking hall to make withdrawals were restrained by authorities.

All attempts by this medium to get authorities’ side of the story proved futile as this reporter was denied access.

Information gathered by this journalist from enraged customers reveals that authorities of the microfinance compamy have announced not to make payment until the month of July 2019.

Speaking to this medium in an exclusive dialogue, some of the customers disclosed that they are highly impatient to wait till next month.

“We are withdrawing our monies today wether they like it or not” they roared.

By Enock Akonnor


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