Asokore Mampong Stakeholders schooled on NBU project’s social Businesses


Officials of No Business as Usual Project (NBU) have engaged stakeholders of Asokore Mampong Municipality in an official meeting to brief them on their two social businesses yet to be executed.

CSOs, Assembly Members, Chairpersons of Unit Committees plus officials from Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly were adequately updated during the meeting on the soon to be introduced Biogas toilet facility usage within various households and the collection of plastic wastes bottles(Polyethylene Tetrephthalate or PET) within the Municipality.

The duo activities which are constituents of the two social businesses of NBU Project as disclosed during the meeting will be executed through a separate collaboration with registered organisations called Environment 360 (collection of PET bottles) and Das Biogas and Construction Limited (construction of Biogas toilet facility).

Execution of the duo social businesses according to Madam Esther Matey- NBU Project Manager has been in the planning stage and that relevant studies have been undertaken by officials of NBU to ensure a smooth roll out and a sustainable implementation.

The purpose of the two social businesses as revealed during the meeting is to help improve upon the sanitary condition of Asokore Mampong and salvage residents from health hazards.

The intiatives in question which will be launched on 12th June 2019 were conceived after a research was conducted in the early stages of the project’s implementation.

Findings from the research revealed that Asokore Mampong Municipality was hard-hit by issues related to open defecation and indisriminate disposal of plastic wastes.

Speaking to My Africa today on the sidelines during the meeting, Madam Esther Matey assured that the successful execution of the initiatives will reduce to the bearest minimum the two underscored cankers.

ENVIRONMENT 360(Plastic waste collection)

Kumasi Representative for Environment 360 (waste management and recycling organisation) Master Samuel Boakye during the meeting educated stakeholders on the working strategy adopted for the collection of plastic waste bottles (PET) within the Municipality.

He explained that PET pickers after their successful training on how to identify PET will be deployed across all areas of Asokore Mampong Municipality for the picking of waste plastic bottles.

According to Master Samuel Boakye, PETs after they have been assembled at the various collection points will be conveyed to a sorting center and from there will be segregated and weighed.

“After weighing, they will be transported to Accra and exported for recycling” he announced.

Collectors of waste plastic bottles he noted will be entitled to a renumeration depending on the number of PETs collected.


Mr. Enoch Kofi Boadu- CEO and Founder of Das Biogas and Construction Limited in a presentation convinced stakeholders that the Biogas lavatory if constructed can last not less than 50 years. “It is self disludging, generates Biogas for cooking,has a recycling content and can be installed anywhere” he explained.


The No Business as Usual (NBU) is a collaborative project implemented by SOS Children’s Villages Ghana and the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly. The European Union is the major sponsor of the NBU Project.

The project seeks to stimulate youth employment and inclusive socioeconomic growth through joint stakeholder collaboration between the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly, CSOs and the private sector.

Objectives of the NBU Project are;
a. Providing training and coaching in entrepreneurship and employability skills targeting 500 youth,as well as organising business networking events through to impact 5000 youth,

b.Enhancing the capacity of Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly to collaborate with CSOs and Private sector to improve revenue mobilisation for local development, promote transparency and social accountability to citizens and pilot two(2) Social Businesses and three (3) Public Private Partnerships in the Municipality.


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