Jean Mensah must emulate Charlotte Osei and aspire to be aneutral EC-Isaac Kwasi Apatsea


Mr. Isaac Kwasi Apatsea, a Parliamentary Aspirant in Upper Denkyira East has appealed to Miss Jean Mensa to emulate Charlotte Osei so that she can earn higher appointment in the future as Charlotte has.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi again said that the new EC, Jean Mensa must stay neutral as early as possible to earn respect in Ghana and the international community.

She must as early as possible find a professional Public Relations Officer to speak for the EC.That if a PRO is not urgently recruited to take the communication duties she may offend a lot of Ghanaians with her utterances, it will also reduce the pressure on her.

He once again cautioned the EC to be law abiding so that her actions and inactions will not always land her in court, since our laws are supreme.

To get a respected EC as an institution they must conduct extensive consultation to make their work easy and also work in concert with CSO’s to make Ghana a peaceful place.

Call Apatsea Isaac Kwasi on 0244853076 for further details


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