Guide your Teen Ladies during Menstruation – Sefwi Bekwai Queen mother


Nana Abena Aniwah II the Queen mother for Sefwi Bekwai traditional council, has called on parents especially mothers’ to ensure accurate care and guidance to their Teen Ladies during menstruation period. 

The Queen mother said this during an interview with the media on Menstruation Day, she admitted that the unusual small on young ladies are as a result of poor menstrual control from their parents during that period.

She also advised men or husbands not to neglect their  women during menstruation period. “ parents should teach or control their teen daughters on how to clean their bodies to prevent unpleasant smell,  personal hygiene is very important to our daughters,” he added.

She also called on teachers to educate their students well when they get to their adolescent stage.


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