Wishing all the in the up coming BONO EAST election and a massage to the delegates


As the constitution of our great party national Democratic Congress demands and have paved way for new executives to be elected to lead the party NDC in this virgin region.

Let me use this opportunity to congratulate all who have taken a bold step to contest and lead the party in the virgin region for the fight for victory 2020.
Am also wishing them good luck in the coming election on the 25/05/2019 God willing which will be held at kintampo north constituency.
I will encourage all candidate to campaign with out insulting each other, they should remember we are not fighting ourselves because we have a big enemy we will be fighting come 2020.
Everybody is capable of leading the party, but the bible even says “many are called but few are chosen”,everybody can be the chosen one.

And to my lovely delegates who are going to decide who will lead the party, you knows best and what is good for you and people you feel you can work with.
Don’t be compromise with money to make the wrong choice.
Vote for competent people, dedicated people and people who are ready to work for the party.
We are going into the battle field with dedication, hard work and selfless people.

And lastly to the aspirants, elections is not like football to have draw in it, even if it is the final match one need to win and one have to loose.
But in this case after the election we will have no loser or winner, is NDC for that matter BONO EAST which has win.

Best wish and all the best in the coming elections.

TEIN President
College of health, kintampo.


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