Special Prosecutor Office: A Toothless Bulldog to Perpetuate Corruption – Rock Dery

The New Patriot Party (NPP) whilst in opposition hoax Ghanaians in their bid to fighting corruption when voted into power.
It is three years now that not a “single grain” of an alleged corruption scandal that is even evident by video footage has been prosecuted.
The Special Prosecutor’s office has become a white elephant that is as well consuming millions of cedis with the taxpayer’s money without any work done.
It is, therefore, glaring that some political machinery are manipulating the work of Mr. Martin Amidu. It is, therefore, saddening that Mr Martin Amidu instead of saving himself some credibility by resigning or exposing some of these corrupt officials is rather enjoying the lucrative expect of his work.
The Special Prosecutor’s office suffers credibility crises and it is obvious that the duty is not to investigate and prosecute corrupt perpetrators but to rather superintend over corrupt officials.
It is a political strategy on the path of the Akufo Addo administration for the special prosecutor to appear as if it is fighting corruption.
It is mind-boggling that the special prosecutor does not see anything wrong with corruption cases that even have video footages associated to it.
Is it not clear the special prosecutor is superintending over corruption rather than fighting it.
Why is Tony Bissiw still at post after the Anas exposè, What has happened to Hon Hawa Koomson’s 800 000 Ghana cedis website scandal, what has happened to the “cash for Seat” scandal, what has happened to the Ameri deal delegation and countless corruption allegations that are always popping up.
Where lies the credibility of the special prosecutor, if not because he is doing the work of his paymasters.
Is it not obvious that the special prosecutor has no place in clearing corrupt officials?
Is it not obvious  President Akufo Addo has assumed the work of special prosecutor as he is always seen clearing his ministers and appointees of any wrongdoings?
It is clear that the duty of the special prosecutor is to overlook its constitutional duties and rather captain transgression that aids in indebting the country.
It is unequivocal that the appointment of the Special Prosecutor was not to expose how the Akufo Addo administration are looting the states of millions of cedis and supervising the destruction( galamsey)of our lands by the Chinese but to rather quarterback.
The establishment of the Special Prosecutor was a political strategy for the Akufo Addo Government to perpetuate corruption and thus should seem to the ordinary Ghanaian how they are committed in fighting corruption.
It must, however, resound here that there is no iota of effort garnered by the Akufo Addo Government to deal with the fight of corruption but to rather relinquish the office of the Special Prosecutor as a replica of a “toothless bulldog”.
Rock Dery
( Former TEIN Vice President)


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