I’m still a virgin despite my many tattoos – Eyeson


Just as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover and that’s exactly the point Eyeson is trying to prove.

The London based Ghanaian singer has publicly stated she is still a virgin, despite the tattoos she has inked all over her body.

According to her, she loves art and sometimes inking some favorite memories on her body is more like a hobby, which doesn’t make her the bad girl that people project her to be.

During her recent interview, Eyeson believes many people misjudge her by the way she looks but when they get closer they get to find out she is a different person all together.

“I know this will sound as a surprise to you but I’m a virgin, and whenever I tell people that they go like, the tattoos on you show how bad you are but honestly I’m not that bad I just love art especially on my body and I don’t know why that should define my sexual life” – Eyeson stated.

She is currently promoting her new collaboration with the NKZ boss Guru, titled Odiifuor which translates to English as the Prophet.

In the song, Eyeson speaks from experience about how society judges people by the way they look, especially a young girl like her due to the inks she has on herself.

The video was directed by multiple award-winning director Xbillz Ebenezer, you can watch below and be your own judge

I have doubts if Eyeson is indeed a virgin like she is saying


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