The impending visit of the President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo into the newly created Savannah Region



The Attention of the Regional Executive Committee of the NDC have been drawn to the visit of the President Mr. Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to the Savannah Region starting from Saturday the 18th of May to Sunday the 19th of May 2019.

Just as already in the public domain, We are already fully aware of the abysmal failure and the awful fact that time has Fast caught up with this Governments lies and deceptions upon

Having exhausted close to three years at the helm of affairs without acquitting themselves creditably relative to all benchmarks of governance, be it the economy, unemployment, health, corruption, infrastructure, Sanitation, Security among others, But We as a region were more astonished upon going through the Presidents itinerary and realizing the sneaking of projects to fit promises of His and also Twisting of Project biographies just to Claim them.

We therefore first declare this Guile Attitude of the Akufo-Addo led Government a National Crisis and a big misfortune perhaps bestowed upon us for a period of 4- Years.

However, we proceed, in setting the Records straight so as not to get you Misled again Mr.President and to save you from the constant Embarrassments even though we had wished to touch on the case of our NPP brother Mr. Albert Diwura, The Deputy CEO of the Ghana Export promotion authority who have deeply embarrassed this Region being a Native, for his alleged involvement in first aiding the CEO of the authority to extort monies worth Millions of Ghana Cedis from the state and personally spending Ghc93,112 just on rent and have since refused to appear before the public service commission for fear of being trapped.

We welcome you into our Region and say to you Amaraaba as we pray that you Enjoy the smooth Ride on the Road from fufulso-Sawla.

The road Your predecessor H.E John Dramani Mahama and the NDC constructed after Your Former boss JAK Promised and Failed for 8 good years.
Indeed We begin with the Daboya Smock Weaving Factory.

Smock known in local parlance as ‘Ngbanye waje’ is a popular business in Daboya and its environs. Almost every household in the area is engaged in the smock business.

History States that the business was started by a clan in Daboya called ‘Bakaranbasi family’.

This family lived close to the river bank in Daboya town. Indigenes from Daboya enclave drive the larger part of their income from this business.

In light of this, the President John Mahama in June, 2014 decided to direct a proposal to the Ministry of Trade and Industry through EDAIF to establish a factory called ‘smock factory or Kore Factory’ for it.

The proposal got an agent approval from the Ministry with EDAIF as the funding agency.

A committee was quickly set up of mainly the beneficiaries to stir the affairs of the project.

The total cost of the project was estimated at about GHc757,750.00 for which the EDAIF will fund GHc607,750.00 and the Assembly provided GHc150,000.

The project was supposed to be in two phases. The first phase which involved the construction of the physical structure costing GHc250,000.00 was completed in October 2016.

The second phase that was suppose to Kick start after 2016 and was simply supposed to be the provision of inputs such as dye, thread, pegs, local dye pits, ‘kore’ , ‘korokoro’ etc. for the take off was never followed by the Government as a result of the fact that the DCE with his team either knowingly or unknowingly decided not to access the rest of the fund that is still sitting in the EDAIF account waiting for disbursement. Hence, its current state.

Mr. President this May be the worst level of incompetence exhibited by your Government in the fourth Republic “ Where the meal has been cooked by your predecessor and yet You refuse to serve it to the people due to insensitivity. “

We further expect You Mr.President to have a rough feel of the remaining phase of the Busunu-Daboya-Mankarigu road you have abandoned and for the Fear of Allah to complete it for our brothers, Fathers and mothers there just as You must do too for the Bridge across the white Volta as you Promised and have since Failed.
The Sawla Hospital project.

Upon the Rising Health cases in the Sawla-tuna-Kalba constituency, H.E John Mahama and His Executives saw the Need to construct a Standard hospital to meet the rising Health needs of the people. This saw the Commissioning of the district hospital to be built to the standard of modern hospitals but unfortunately We left
power before its completion.

We are saddened to inform you that the ongoing district hospital in Sawla, which was awarded to VAMED construction firm as part of five others across the country with the current Savannah Region getting three (Sawla- Tuna-Kalba, Central Gonja and East Gonja districts) was kept on a hold by your Government until recent time that it commenced construction again due to perhaps the presidents visit.

If this is not shear wickedness and insensitively, then what is it? considering the number of lives it’s completion earlier could have saved.

H.E John Mahama upon awaiting the completion of the Hospital and due to the Rising spread of diseases in the district gave some Quick measures such as CHPS compounds like Goyiri, CHP compounds at kawie, CHP compounds Gbegu and kong, CHPS Compound at Kunfusi, Amongst others.


In Fact Two ambulances were donated to the Sawla Health centre and St. Joseph Health Centre In Kalba, So Incase Just when one of those is mistakenly pointed out to you on your trip as your achievement, Mr.President, Don’t be Misled!
Last but not the Least is the Yapei water project .

Efforts to give potable water to Yapei dates back to the early days in 2009 under the NDC administration and this was under the Sustainable Rural Water Project under the Community Water and Sanitation Agency. It was continued under the same NDC but this time under H.E John Mahama’s administration and this was under the same project but had advanced to where feasibility works were being done and advert placed to award the contract.

There was a funding challenge as a result of the scope of supply following the change from underground water (which was low) to drawing from the river. A Netherlands NGO partnered with the District assembly to provide separate water system to Yapei.

Polytanks were erected, Cables and pipes were laid to the river source and abandoned for security reasons. Unfortunately the cables were removed by thieves from underground.

This infuriated the donors and so they pulled back.
During the first quarter of 2016, the District Assembly under the NDC entered into a contract with Pump tech to do two things:

ToMountpolytanksatYapei,KusawguandSankpalawherepipeswillbe provided and water drawn from the Fufulso Water System at Ntereso using tanker services. These started at Kusawgu and Sankpala before the end of 2016.

Toconductfeasibilityworksandalsoprovidebillsofquantities(estimates) for the extension of water from Ntereso to Yapei and Ntereso to Buipe. This was done and presented to the general assembly of the Central Gonja District Assembly again before we left office.
The idea was to present to CWSA and other donors for the extension of water finally to Yapei.

Until Of recent times, where we heard of the presidents plans to Visit the site, it had been abandoned as one of the numerous abandoned projects of H.E John Dramani mahama.
The water is still being drawn from the water system we established at Ntereso which is currently supplying water to Fufulso/Junction, Nyanwuripe, Ntereso, Yipala and Kpatakpla.

Ladies and Gentlemen these are the Records of that project set straight.
Mr.President, We cannot conclude without speaking about the Promises you gave this region whiles campaigning in 2016 and even after.

You promised The people of Bole A Shea Processing Factory to recruit about 1,200 people, 1Million dollars,1Warehouse,1Ambulance,1student-1Chocolate,more than 100Dams et al. Mr.President where are the projects? And Why haven’t you completed the Only Teacher Training College That was started by H.E John Mahama in Bole? Or is it A Case of Political-opponent “Mafiarism”!

All other constituencies are still waiting for Same.
Mr. President, Damongo being the Regional Capital Has a very peculiar problem of constant shortage of Water and as such the NDC Government made Further facilitation’s in ensuring that this project met the light of the day.

It saddens us to state emphatically to the effect that, $35 million Damongo water project that was sent to parliament for approval was shut down and has since not been visited, which means your government is simply not committed to that project because it was just a matter or Stretching the remaining 10% of project facilitated and ensuring that all mechanical works be done.

Mr. President you again promised to add six additional boreholes to the existing ones the last time you visited His Royal Majesty in Damongo. Where are the projects? Before the 2016 election, the then running mate and now Vice President of our Republic, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia made a promise to the good people of Larabanga that your government was going to build an Islamic Senior High School for them if you won power.

Thankfully you did and Dr.Bawumia is absolutely no where to be found even in a Re-denomination. Mr. President where is the project?

Car parts dealers and merchanic’s in the region are suffering
Drug store operators are suffering.
Provision store owners don’t make significant profits anymore.
Bread producers and sellers are suffering as they recently went on strike. Savanna NABCO workers are suffering.
Agric recruits in afforestation are suffering.

Our Farmers are suffering.
Market women are suffering and above all
Your own party Foot-soldiers and contractors in the region are nothing to write home about today.
Mr. President everybody within the Savannah Region is virtually suffering or showing symptoms of an impending Crisis as your Government have left us here with nothing but Excruciating poverty and no signs of a better tomorrow.

With all the Above We hope that Mr. President you will not be first to Crack the biggest Lie and deception in this visit of yours as we will be on standby to set the records straight and we further leave you with the Phrase “You can brag of having the Savannah Regional Promise of H.E John Mahama fortunately Created when you assumed office, But you cannot Boast of A SINGLE Project and achievement within the Region”

Long Live the Savannah Region! Long Live the NDC!!


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