Chinese menace, Kumasi: K Nsafoa writes



1. They are ruthless, reckless and feel emboldened because of an imaginary diplomatic immunity..

2. They’re unrepentant breakers of all forms of local trade laws..

3. They’re the most illegally armed foreigners in the metropolis..

4. They’re well connected to the underworld mafias..and quite territorial as in gangsterism among themselves.

5. They’re the highest consumers of local hard drugs, facilitators of money laundering, dominate gambling at local casinos..and second highest of foreign nationals engaged in prostitution.

6. They’ve several moles within the security service in the metropolis.

7. There’s a turf war in local gold dealings between them and the Indians.

8. The devastation of Amansie and Adansi lands and water bodies have their name embossed on it.

9. They’re the cause of hikes in property rents and highly irresponsible in its management.

10. The next generation of mixed race locals in the metropolis..are going to be predominantly half Chinese.


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