Looming tension at Gomoa Fetteh, as alleged landgurd to install a new Chief


Heightened tension faces Gommoa fetteh after the alleged demise of Nana Edward Aquaye (Nana Abore Yamoa).

As a result ,his right-hand man who is alleged to be notorious landguard with whom he was able to ursurp the chieftaincy throne for the period has initiated moves to install his favourate in oder to pepertuate their illigality .

Elders and kingmakers of the community have raised concerns and condemned the move,and have called on security agencies to act swiftly to avert bloodshed.

Nana Samuel kabby k , a former reggent and principal elder of Abor Ewusi Twidan Family condemned the move ,which he said they would not allow what has deprived the town of development for decades.

Should government fail to act swiftly ,they should expert bloodshed.

More update soon.


  1. Comment:We are hoping the government steps in and
    do something about the situation in Gomoa Fetteh with these notorious land guard with the Kwesi Alhaji else we the youth in the town will stand on our feet and you know what will happen such happen…(bloodshed). This landguard boss came to the Gomoa Fetteh in 2016 from Prestia where he was wanted there and the police administration has done nothing about it.


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