Welcome To The Polls


Not quite long ago, the Western North catchment area was filled euphoria. Euphoria, well glaring and conspicuous as is if it was the eve of Ghana’s independence.

The aftermath has been the desire to have a hastily manifested development and progress we continually seek and pursue in the region.

Of course, we never despair. Western North is not relenting for the future is today.

As we go to the polls, we should not forget but know and have ourselves reminded that this exercise is not just a usual periodic ritual we undertake to have folks lead this great family.

As I write this piece, I admonish all delegates to have the best interest of the grassroots.

Delegates may have the franchise, but as always, it is should be exercised in the best interest of the entire family.

This mandate is a pivotal license to make or unmake yet the youngest resource filled, fairly illustrious and resourceful region.

We must take steps to keep the Elephant home. Sending her away again would be disastrous and that should be a thing of the past.

Our actions, decisions and inactions, covertly or overtly, must be nothing short of keeping The Elephant home.

The decision at the polls should be devoid of personal interest and be a reflection of a selfless result seeking and development driven verdict.

The best candidates must be elected. Candidates who have been tried and tested, Candidates who are willing to accelerate the wheels of change, Candidates who a have well thought out plan to propel the region’s advancement farther and also have Western North at heart.

Yes it’s about Western North Region. We have an a common interest. A mutual interest bigger than each delegates interest put together.

‘Yes the work dey ground’ and we need committed and capable envois through whom the glory of Western North shall manifest as we win the ultimate seat of office come the year 2020.

Long Live NPP.
Long Live Western North Region.
Long Live Ghana. Kukurudu!!.

Edmund Amoabeng Oppong
( Hope LT. Suaman Chapter)


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