Four arrested in Chereponi for carrying arms


Four persons en route to Chereponi in the North East region have been arrested for carrying fire arms.

Public Relations Officer for the Northern Regional Police Command, Yusif Tanko confirmed the arrest to Citi News.

The arrest comes in the wake of a renewed clash between the Anufuls and the Kokombas which has led to the death of two persons.

Several homes have also been razed, leading to the destruction of properties and numerous casualties.

Citi News’ checks reveal that most communities have been deserted.

The violence started on Friday evening when unknown assailants opened fire on Nawieku, a Chokosi community in the district, injuring one person.

The following day, 75 military personnel and 40 police officers were deployed to the area following reported reprisal attacks.

By evening, travellers heading to Chereponi could not pass through some Konkomba communities because some men had mounted roadblocks.

Despite suggestions that the roadblocks were to target Chokosi, some of the poeple that were stopped said they were beaten and their phones and other belongings taken from them regardless of their ethnic affiliation.

“We were blocked by the Konkombas and asked to come out of the car. Whilst we started coming out of the car, they started beating our people and seizing our phones. We had to even run. Others were shot at and some were beaten brutally.”

The Konkomba Youth Association has condemned the attacks and called on the leaders of the town “to help forestall peace in Chereponi.”

“In fact, it is not possible in our current dispensation to have a tribal district and for that matter, the Konkombas in Chereponi are part and parcel of the Chereponi district and not aliens and for that matter should be treated as such,” the group said in a statement.


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