62nd Indece Parade: NDC Hauls Urban Council Chairman From Celebrations In Prestea


The opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, Prestea Huni-Valley Constituency has once again stabbed itself in the neck as its attempt to disgrace Prestea and Prestea Huni-Valley has once again failed. It failed today, after they successfully hauled Prestea Mayor, (Urban Council Chairman) Hon. Rash Katu Dagarti from 62nd Independence Celebration in Prestea still could not take the shine of the Programme.

It all happened today, 6th March 2019 at the Prestea Scott Stadium, when 15 Schools from Prestea were to take the 6th March Parade, with the Salute to be taken by Urban Council Chairman Hon. Rash Katu and District Crime Officer, who represented DSP Simon Denteh, the Prestea District Police Commander. Immediately after the inspection of Parade led by Prestea SHTS Cardet, it was time for the two important personalities to take the salute.

Everything was set, then the media had report through the Chairman of the 6th March Committee, Mr. Mosses Ofori off record that, he has received unconfirmed report that, the NDC leadership in Prestea Huni-Valley have called on the Urban Council Chairman, Hon. Rash Katu who recently lost NDC Constituency Organiser contest that, the Party leadership want him to vacate the Prestea Scott Stadium with immediate effect.

True to the reports, five minutes after, the Urban Council Chairman Hon. Rash Katu Dagarti vanished from the Prestea Scott Stadium without any prior information to the 6th March Committee. As if it was a joke, the Prestea Mayor failed to return, leaving on Crime Officer.

After his attempt to disgrace the Prestea, the Organizers worked hard, with important personalities like Hon. Emmanuel Ennor Arthur, Jubel Kwaw, Thomas Arizi, Kelvin Asiedu all putting their maximum best to make sure, nothing untoward happens in his absence.

Attempt by PCD to reach Hon. Rash Katu to accertain why he has done such deservice to Prestea and Prestea Huni-Valley has proven futile.

Source: PCD


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