Election and Democracy are expressions of ideas not violence-Acid Africa



Africa Centre for Integrity & Development(Acid-Africa), wishes to condemn in all aspects the violence that characterised the Thursday 31st January by-election at Ayawaso West Wuogon.

We do not see why after 25 years of Solid democracy we allowed just one constituency election to cast our nation in such bad light.

Across most international media such as the BBC, CNN and Aljezeera it is the violence that was carried to the world.

We at Acid Africa believe that election and democracy are expressions of ideas and not violence. We also agree that democracy, tolerance and peace remain the bedrock of development.

In as much as by-elections normally attract low turnouts,Thursday’s violence contributed to the less than 20% turnout. If care is not taken such fear and apathy will affect future elections turnouts thus eroding all the gains we have made over the past 25 years.

The so called party vigilante groups should be disbanded by the various political parties especially the NDC and the NPP.

The police should use all efforts including force to ensure that we do not go into any major election with such groups around.

Political power is a call to duty and not a life and death affair.

We are therefore through this press release calling on all peace-loving Ghanaians,the media and the clergy to join us in condemning the acts of violence while calling on the police and the relevant agencies to promptly investigate the issue and punish those involved accordingly.

Thank you

Ibrahim I. Tahir
Executive Director

Mr. Gyasi Appiah
Communication Director