Kidnapping saga: Police slow in acting – Security Analyst


Security Analyst Adam Bonah on Tuesday faulted the police in Takoradi for responding poorly to the kidnapping situation in the Western Regional capital.

“Right from the beginning, I think there were some lapses here and there.

Probably, the police could have responded quite quickly to be able to rescue these girls, but unfortunately they weren’t able to do that in the first 72 hours and in a kidnap case like this, the first, two to three days if you are not able to do any proper rescue then you know that every other day that passes, the situation will be getting out of hand,” stated Bonah on Starr Today.

He added “and so, for me, I think they had the opportunity to respond quickly when the kidnapper or kidnappers were engaging families of the victims with regards to the ransom.

They had the opportunity to respond quickly but there was some delay somewhere,” he added.

His comments come after one of the parents of the young girls who have been kidnapped lamented the alleged kidnappers have refused to bring back his daughter even after paying a demanded ransom.

Mr Korankye told Morning Starr host Francis Abban that the kidnappers use his daughter’s phone to call him just so he could hear his daughter screaming in the background.

“I was told my daughter had gone to town to buy some things. Unfortunately, she never returned till I later received a call from her.

My daughter told me she has been taken to a place she doesn’t know.

I later received another call from the kidnappers who asked that I send them GHC50, 000 so they could release my daughter.

“The kidnappers keep using my daughter’s phone to call me. Sometimes, they just place a phone call and ask my daughter to shout in the background saying I should come to her aid.

One of the kidnappers who constantly speak to me has a Nigerian accent.

I managed to mobilize some cash and sent to the kidnappers but unfortunately, they still haven’t released my daughter

“I was very bitter, sad and hurt when the dress of my daughter was shown to me in court.

I cannot tell whether or not my daughter is dead or alive. My daughter is 16 years old.

She is the only daughter I have. I lost my wife so I have taken my daughter as my everything.

At night, I just pray to my Maker and sleep. When I go to bed, I sleep, “the worried father noted.

Kidnapping has been on the rise in the Western region.

Residents of the region say about seven people have been kidnapped so far, a claim the police has disputed.

The police put the figure at three.



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