Nam1’s brother, Kingsley Asiedu on the run from angry Menzgold customers in UK, Spain


It’s seems all media attention in the ongoing MenzGold saga has been narrowed to the plight of the Gold trading company’s customers in Ghana.

Apparently MenzGold customers in the United Kingdom and Spain are feeling the same heat.

Hundreds of MenzGold customers in the United Kingdom and Spain have been chasing their monies for months but all attempts have proved futile.

A representative of the aggrieved MenzGold customers in the two European countries did send ghsplash the following;


I would be grateful if you can use your medium to share the plight of Menzgold customers in the UK. It seems all the attention and news coverage is focused in on customers in Ghana. However there are several customers here in the UK and Spain who also invested in Menzgold. I have written a short article sharing our story and confrontation with Kinsgley Asiedu, brother of Nana Appaih.

Would be grateful if you can publish it on your page so we are not forgotten. Happy to discuss further if needs be.”

Kinsgley Asiedu

There is tension currently mounting in the UK as aggrieved customers of Menzgold search for Kingsley Asiedu, brother of Nana Appiah Mensah embattled CEO of Menzgold popularly known as Nam1. Kingsley has gone into hiding in the UK where he lives as he tries to escape the wrath of numerous people he convinced to invest in Menzgold.

With the London office of Menzgold currently shutdown, customers have turned their anger onto Kingsley who acted as Nana Appiah’s right-hand man and PR manager in the UK. He was instrumental in the Launch of Menzgold offices in the UK and Spain.

Kingsley who was always seen traveling around the world with Nana Appiah and enjoying the luxury of his brother’s wealth is currently nowhere to be found and all efforts to reach him have failed as his phones are currently switched off.

With several heated verbal and physical confrontations taking place between him and customers demanding their investments, Kingsley has run out of excuses and has since abandoned his home in the UK.



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