Spare Parts Dealers Ready To Pay Half Of Mahama’s Filing Fee


Former President John Mahama may not have to pay a dime for party forms because a group of spare parts dealers has promised to pay half of the Ghc 420,000 being charged by the party.

According to the coordinator of the group the former President is not a millionaire but he has millions of supporters admirers who are always ready to come together to pay for his fees.

According to Nana Kwaku Bamfo a member of the group, the group embarked on the project based on the recognition that the former President laid a solid foundation for better Ghana. He said that there was the need to consolidate on the gains made by the previous administration.

“Under his administration, Ghana became a country sought after for investment in the world and assumed its torchbearer role in not just Africa but also the world. Our businesses are collapsing, investors our leaving the country, banks are collapsing” said the coordinator

Under Mahama there was no region, district or village that did not have several government infrastructure projects. We enjoyed stable and steady economic growth. Our business (Spare parts) became attractive venture and as some of our people became multi millionaires.

Ghana is now a net exporter of electricity because of the investment John Mahama made in the power sector.

The coordinator said they need John Mahama back to restore investor confidence, clear the nuisance taxes and killer policies undermining their business

We are paying half of the Ghc 420,000 for John Mahama to save our spare parts business from collapsing, protect the future of our children and protect the foundation laid by President Mahama.

“It is for this reason, we have decided to pull our meagre resources together to pay half of the fees for John Mahama. Ironically, most of the members are supporters of the Npp but this decision by the group is based on the reasons enumerated”. said the Chairman.

Some market women, MPs of the NDC, former MMDCEs, party folks, university lecturers, and members of the general public have assured the former President’s campaign team of their readiness to pay the filing fee.


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