Zoli’ is educative,Ghanaians should embrace it


Zoli’ A tale of customs and values that needs to be practiced again.

It is with no doubt that the impact of movie on the society is huge with children and even grown-ups memorizing key and interesting lines from movies they have been watching on numerous occasions.

But how does this work if it is a movie with a good concept, good cultural values and educating society on how we used to live in the olden days?

“Zoli”, which simply means ‘there is fire’ is not just a mere movie. Premiering on the 7th December 2018 at the Global cinemas, movie lovers are expected to come in their numbers and watch this pre-colonial movie. We often hear the whites tell our stories for us, but how about we narrating it our own way?

The need for tradition has become obsolete in recent times amid developments and advancement in technologies and theories. With Zoli, individuals will understand the importance of culture, the norms of society and the abominable acts which were not accepted in the society and how they attract severe punishments if found doing them.

These rules in the olden days ensure discipline and faithfulness. How do we get to know those values since this is a new generation, how do we accept it just like that and practice it? Watch ‘Zoli’, this movie is not just an Ananse story, it is a real-life experience. With characters like Emmanuel France, Bkay etc, you are assured of watching a quality movie on 7th December 2018 at the Global Cinema-Weija. Don’t miss it.

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