How delegates, journalists battled with sleep as NDC congress entered day 2 [Photos]


It’s was a free for all sleeping at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra, where the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC], is holding its 9thNational Delegates’ Congress, which officially enters day two, today, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Journalists, delegates and party members who were at the Congress had to struggle between sleeping and keeping vigil throughout the voting process, which started after 6:00 pm on Saturday.

This was after several speeches from the leadership of the party and other activities had taken place during the day.

Most of them were seen either sleeping on chairs and on any available space that would give them a considerable space to lay their heads.

The NDC is holding the congress to elect new national executives to steer the affairs of the party for the next four years.

About 65 members of the NDC are contesting in the race. Over 9,000 delegates are taking part in the voting.



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