Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Man; Sammy Gyamfi Will Be Exalted On Saturday, 17th November, 2018



On Saturday, 17th November, 2018, Elders, Delegates, supporters, sympathizers and comrades of the great umbrella family will converge at Trade Fair, LA in Accra to elect National Officers who will steer the affairs of the NDC for the next four years.

This congress like several others in the past, is routine in the life of the Great NDC party, as such congresses represent a cycle of changing the baton of leadership of the party from one group to the other. However, this 9th National Delegates Congress is unique in the sense that it presents the NDC with two choices – one, to elect men and women of proven competence, track-record and capabilities needed to steer the NDC to clinch the all-important victory in 2020 and bring the much needed relief to the Ghanaian people, or to settle for mediocrity which will only prolong the existence of this already expired and arguably, most clueless government of Akuffo-Addo and Buwumia.

The theme for the congress which is “Together we win 2020”, could not have been more apt because together, the NDC owes it a duty to the Ghanaian people to elect the best to deliver victory in 2020. One position that will be closely and keenly monitored by political watchers, and indeed, must be of great interest to Delegates of the NDC is the position of National
Communications Officer. I say this because time has only served to confirm that the NPP led by President Akuffo-Addo indeed rode on the back of lies and deception propelled by a cocktail of unrealistic promises to win the 2016 election.

Today, Ghanaians have tasted the truly ‘incompetent’ governance and its fruits of economic hardships, unprecedented taxes, increased corruption, cronyism and disregard for the rule of law. The yearning for the return of the NDC is so loud and already reverberates across the country. But this hope of the Ghanaian people that the NDC will make a quick return to power to deliver them from the unprecedented corruption and chronic maladministration of the NPP will not see the light of day if the NDC does not elect an able and capable National Communication Officer to vigorously expose this lies-infested government of Akuffo-Addo and his Crown Prince of lies, Dr. Bawumia.

It is against this backdrop that many, including my very self, believe that the only person who has the ability, and has proven beyond any doubt as capable of matching this NPP Government is none other than our own Sammy Gyamfi.

Since the memorable days of Fiifi Kwetey, the NDC has finally found someone with the distinguished mettle of a great debater, an eloquent communicator, and a spirited defender of the cause of the NDC. Ever since he burst into the National political communication landscape in early 2017, Sammy Gyamfi has established himself as the tormentor-in-chief of the Akuffo-Addo government. His sharp wit, great advocacy and debating skills have not only positioned him as the Waterloo of the NPP government, but Sammy Gyamfi has also become the joy of many NDC supporters across Ghana. Many an NPP Communicator has fallen to the sword of Sammy Gyamfi’s evidence-based communication backed with facts and figures, logic and tenacity. Judging from the young man’s exploits, it was only a matter of time that the grassroots of the NDC will call on him to serve the party in an elective capacity.

Sammy Gyamfi’s unique command of the Queen’s language and a native speaker of the Twi language makes him the perfect Communicator. Having been recently called to the Bar, he appeals to both diehard NDC supporters and neutrals alike. The intellectualism in his discourse attracts him to the intellectual community, whilst his youthful charm has brought the spark that is needed to attract young people to the NDC. Of course, Sammy’s opponent in this contest has sought to raise the issue of his youthfulness and to equate that to lack of experience on his part.

This is not only ridiculous on the part of his opponent, but it also portrays the fact that those who advance that argument have not followed the development of Sammy Gyamfi.

I dare say that Sammy Gyamfi has much more experience than his opponent in this race as far as media engagement, mainstream communication and public relations are concerned.

Having served the NDC in the portfolios of PRO and President of the KNUST chapter of TEIN, he distinguished himself as the Spokesperson of the Mayor of Kumasi, after school, from 2013 to 2016. He has also been Spokesperson for EXTON CUBIC, a fully Ghanaian Mining Company, and President of the SRC of Ghana School of Law. Overall, Sammy Gyamfi boasts of over 10 years’ experience in media engagement at various levels, hence the question of experience relative to political communication is a moot point.

Perhaps, those who raise the age argument against Sammy Gyamfi need to be reminded of the recent global trend of young people taking their rightful place as far as political leadership is concerned.

To mention but a few, Sebastine Kurz became Chancellor of Austria at the age of 31, Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister of New Zealand at the age of 37, Emmanuel Macron became French President at the age of 39, Matteo Fiorini became Captain Regent of San Marino at age 39, Kim Jong Un became North Korean Leader at age 30, among several other examples.

These are all young people taking over the commanding heights of leadership in their respective countries. Ghana is no exception when it comes to youth excellence, as the likes of former President Rawlings, Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa and Hon. Haruna Iddrissu have all excelled in leadership positions in Ghana at very young ages.

Sammy Gyamfi’s meteoric rise to prominence is therefore not a new phenomenon, but rather a display of the irrepressible talent and potential of young people.

Sammy Gyamfi comes into this office with a workable 10-Point Agenda that will position communication as the main weapon for propelling the NDC to victory in 2020. His vision is to establish a New Phase of research-driven, cutting-edge communication that projects the NDC as the best alternative to deliver Ghanaians from the corrupt, clueless, nepotistic, visionless and impotent Government of Akuffo-Addo and Bawumia.

The impending victory of Sammy Gyamfi on Saturday is unstoppable. The unalloyed and unwavering support and encouragement from Delegates across the length and breadth of Ghana points to the fact that Sammy Gyamfi has paid his dues to the NDC, and the time has come for the rank and file of the party to exalt him. I reckon the NPP would have wished the NDC elected someone other than him, someone they can push around and ride roughshod over with their wicked lies to cover up their nonperforming government. But I am sorry to disappointment them because in Sammy Gyamfi, the NDC has a real gem, a pound-for-pound Communicator who will give them a good run for their money. With Sammy Gyamfi, the 2020 Agenda of the NDC will receive the needed impetus to take us to the land of glory.

Long live NDC

Source: Dickson Boadi


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