Does Ghana have A National Intervention Policy ?


Our country, on a yearly basis experiences unforeseen accidents, some though preventable as they may seem still catch us of the guard. In recent years it has become even more common to hear of gas explosions, fire outbreaks, floods, building collapses among many others. Examples are the ( Accra Mall building ceiling collapse, Achimota Mile 7 Melcom building collapse, and recently the atomic junction explosion)

Each time these accidents happen the citizens of the nation who mostly are affected by the accidents recount various government promises to help them in their time of dismay and distress.

But government has always reneged on it’s promise to the people.

It becomes more and more obvious that the good intention of the government to usurp hospital bills and extend a helping hand to these affected individuals is an illusion.

The government’s day to day running of the country and diverse developmental projects and initiatives may be some of the reasons for the failure to effect the needed help.

One question thus can be drawn from these situation. “Is there a need for a national Intervention policy?” A policy such as this will set aside some revenue for these instances as well as a competent committee, to see to the disbursement of such revenue. This policy will supplement the various state disaster prevention agencies such as NADMO. I would suggest the government looks into establishing such a policy which will greatly improve the citizen’s trust and believe in the government and the country as a whole.
Ghana belongs to all of us and it is my hope that we all hand in hand help to promote our firm and unshaken belief in the country.

By; Nana Kweku Ofori Atta
Managing Director Avcontech Limited.


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