1,500 Pieces Of Ammunition Compounded In Bimbilla


Six boxes containing 1,500 pieces of ammunition have been seized near Chichagi in the Nanumba South District of the Northern Region by the Formed Police Unit (FPU) of the Ghana Police Service stationed in Bimbilla in the Northern Region.

The ammunition was concealed in a sack and tied to a motorbike that was ferried into the region.

Reports say the operators of the boat, became suspicious of the owner and the content of the sack and started asking questions.

The owner of the ammunition bolted after sensing danger when the operator of the boat interrogated him.

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The police were informed about the development and took delivery of the sack and its content at Chichagi.

Alhaji Musah Mashud, the officer in charge of the FPU in Bimbilla said “When we got there, we found the ammunition on a motorbike and the suspect abandoned it and run away. We crossed the river and went to Chichagi where the chief told us that the suspect was crossing the Oti river with the items and when the operators insisted checking the content and the suspect upon sensing danger decided to run and leave the items behind. We opened it and saw that there are six boxes of ammunition. We counted it and it’s 1,500 pieces. So we carried the sack to the Bimbilla Police station where investigations will commence.”

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The incident comes on the back a recent feud between Dagombas and Konkombas which led to the death of a Chief Imam at Nakpache in the Yendi Municipality.

There has been tension in the area particularly the area along the North Eastern Corridor of the Northern Region where Konkombas, Dagombas, and Nanumbas are predominantly living.

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Many villagers who fled their communities for fear of attacks, are yet to return.

Source: citinewsroom


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